Rumored Haunted Hotels in America

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There is something unsettling about going to sleep in a strange place and maybe that's why hotels across the country are rumored to be haunted. Some have gone beyond rumors though and now owe part of their fame to their paranormal guests.

Hotel Del Coronado : Located just outside San Diego, the hotels haunting seems to center around the tragic love story of Kate Morgan. Kate checked into the hotel in 1892 to meet with her estranged husband, but he never showed up. She was said to be heartbroken and days later she was found on the beach dead from a gunshot wound.

Disturbances at the hotel range from strange noises, electrical malfunctions, cold spots, and actual sightings of a ghost.

Stanley Hotel : The famous hotel that inspired horror master Stephen King to wring his best selling novel The Shinning. The hotel opened in the early 1900's and is now known for its paranormal happenings.

Guests that have stayed in Room 408 claim to hear people, believed to be children, laughing outside their door. The disturbances also include objects moving on their own, vision appearing in mirrors, and faucets turning on at night.

It is one of the few rumored haunted hotels to actually address the paranormal reports on their website, even boasting that every room in the hotel has had a disturbance of some kind.

Provincial Hotel : This New Orleans hotel is well known for its paranormal activity and has been the subject of investigations again and again.

The disturbances range from full apparitions, to actual physical contact, to voices, and even images being captured on film. It seems almost common to be able to snap a photo of one of the ghosts there. A quick search of the internet and there was page after page of misty images.

The most terrifying claim is that a room full of wounded and dying Civil War soldiers will appear and then disappear just a quickly.

Carolina Inn : Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this hotel boasts beautiful southern charm with the added bonus of some dark and creepy happenings.

It is said that the ghost haunting this hotel moves from room to room, trying to open doors. It seems he is seen almost daily among other ghosts that call this hotel home. Some even speculate that there may be no less than 20 ghosts haunting the hotel and grounds.

While opinions differ regarding the validity of these sightings, these hotels have found new fame as vacation destinations for those curious about the paranormal.

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