Overseas Education Singapore – Admission Procedure & Scholarships

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Universities and Polytechnics

When applying for your overseas education in Singapore, you need to apply keeping in mind the academic calendar and deadlines of the University you are applying to. Mostly application forms are available online on each university website and there`s usually a guide also available to help you fill up the application form.

Collect all the documents and the exams scores that you will need and start applying. You also have to make sure that as an international student you have the documents and transcripts available in the same format as accepted by the university you are applying to. Your study overseas in Singapore application form will require your personal Particulars, contact Information, academic qualifications, exceptional talents and achievements, exemptions and scholarships, choice of courses that you are applying for, creating admission PIN, which will be the personal password for the applicant to login to online application status.

Once you have applied to a University for your overseas education in Singapore, the short listed candidates will have to go through the interview, arrangement for which will be made by the university.

Fee & Expenses

The Government of Singapore provides substantial tuition subsidy which comes in the form of a tuition grant and is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and offered to all admitted students including international students who opted for overseas education in Singapore. Students who apply for and are approved for the tuition grants need to pay only the Direct Payment of fees which is the subsidized amount. The tuition grant is not repayable and Singapore citizens in receipt of it will not be required to undertake a service bond. However, Singapore Permanent Residents and international students who take up Tuition Grant will need to sign the TG Agreement and work in Singapore-based companies for 3 years upon graduation. To apply for the Tuition Grant offered by the Government, international students will be required to apply via Singapore Ministry of Education. For students who are not eligible for or choose not to apply for the Government Tuition Grant Subsidy Scheme, will need to pay the annual full fees. While the subsidized fees remain unchanged during the course of study, the full fees is subject to change depending on the amount of Government tuition grant subsidy. Financial Assistance Scholarship

Deserving students can apply for financial aid which will be offered if they meet the eligibility criteria. Financial aid is provided to deserving candidates in the form of scholarship from ASEAN Scholarships; SIA Youth Scholarships; A*Star India Youth Scholarships; MOE Scholarships for Pre-University Studies; Hong Kong Scholarships & Awards.

Tuition Grant

There are various courses for which the students (regardless of nationality) are given tuition grant. Candidate who already hold a degree or higher qualification will be eligible for Tuition Grant if they wish to pursue a second course of the same or lower level so long as they did not attain their bachelor`s or higher degree through subsidy by MOE or sponsorship by the Singapore Government (this includes the receipt of a government scholarship such as those offered by the Ministries, Public Service Commission and Statutory Boards for local or overseas study). Graduates seeking admission to the Graduate LL.B. Programme (GLP) will be eligible for Tuition Grant regardless of whether they have obtained their degree with subsidy or sponsorship from the Singapore government. However, there is a limited number who can enjoy this grant given by MOE. Singapore Permanent Residents and students wishing to pursue their overseas education in Singapore who wish to take up Tuition Grant will need to sign the TG Agreement and work in Singapore-based companies for 3 years upon graduation.

Visa Information Step-II: Submission of E-Form 16

Once the IHL(Institute of Higher Learning) has successfully registered the student, the student may login to SOLAR to submit E-Form 16. Applicants must have the following information before logging into SOLAR.

-A registration acknowledgement notice with the login information provided by the IHL. -Travel document/passport details (including travel document/passport number, date of expiry, etc). -NRIC/FIN of parents if the student`s parents are Singaporeans or foreigners who are working or residing in Singapore. -Singapore`s address and contact details (if not available, please provide the school`s registered address) -Applicant`s email address. -A medical report in the prescribed format (available on ICA`s website ie: http://www.ica.gov.sg).

Upon submission of the E-Form 16 through SOLAR, students are required to print a copy of the E-Form for submission to the Student`s Pass Unit, ICA, to complete formalities for the issuance of Student’s Pass.

For foreigners who require a visa to enter Singapore, the processing time is 10 full working days but you should have a buffer of a week during July/August. Completing Visa Formalities

Successful applicants will be issued with an in-principle approval (IPA) letter by ICA through the IHL. For applicants who wish to pursue overseas education in Singapore require a visa to enter Singapore, a visa will be incorporated in the IPA letter. Students need not apply for a separate visa and may enter Singapore by producing the IPA letter at the checkpoints.

Note that the Student`s Pass will only be issued not more than one month before the commencement of the course. Students wishing to pursue overseas education in Singapore are required to ensure their own valid stay in Singapore at all time.

Student Pass

Students opting for overseas education in Singapore must possess a valid Student’s Pass to be able to study at Singapore. To apply for a Student’s Pass he/she has to be accepted Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) to pursue full-time studies in Singapore. Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the university will assist all international students with their application for a student pass, which is processed and approved by the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The student pass is valid for the whole duration of the course of study.