Making the Internet Safer for Children

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When I first heard of Baroness Joanna Shields, I was not really sure who she was. I knew that she was important because of her title, and I was curious to see just what job duties she has. It did not take me long to find out that she is the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Internet Safety and Security. Yes, that is definitely a mouthful, but it is a position that is definitely needed in today’s times. I was really surprised when I read that the position she has filled is one that doesn’t even get her a paycheck either.

A lot can be said about a woman who cares enough about children that she will take on a job like that. She definitely has the credentials to carry it out too. She has been at the top of the Internet Technology game for a long time. She started out in Silicon Valley after graduating from Penn State University in Pennsylvania, and she has not stopped since. She has been associated with companies such as Facebook and the London Stock Exchange Group as well as many other major Internet companies.

While all of that is impressive, what really strikes me the most about Baroness Joanna Shields is that she gives back as much as she does. Today’s children need someone to look after their safety, and I would much rather it be someone like Joanna Shields who knows her way around the online world than anyone else. She is a mother as well, so she knows how other moms feel when their kids want to get online, which can be a very scary place for youngsters who can be quite naive at that age. Knowing that Joanna Shields is in their corner really makes the Internet a much safer place for all of them.