Katie Price Wedding Ceremony with Her Boyfriend

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Katie price is a British celebrity who is a glamour model, business woman whose personal life is regularly flashed in British tabloids and magazines that are celebrity based. On February second, this year, Kate price and Alex Reid walked down the aisle in their wedding dress. The reports say that the couple exchanged vows in a quick wedding ceremony at the chapels a Wynn hotel at Las Vegas. Although they dated only for seven months, it came as a surprise when they decided to get married.

The early life of Katie price was disturbed when her parents split up when she was four. She has an elder brother. Katie price decided to take modeling as her career and when she sent her photos to a modeling agency in London, she was invited for a Photo shoot and signed a contract, 2010 wedding dresses eventually. She also appeared on page three of the sun newspaper and in men’s lifestyle magazines.

She also made an attempt in television series and in an episode of dream team. Her acquaintance with the singer Peter Andre later, made her tie the knot with him in a gracious wedding ceremony. Katie price has endorsed many products including the supermarket chain kwik save, the jewelry deal Argos, foxy bingo, Superdrug, derby house and many more.

In October 2006, Katie and her husband peter Andre were ranked at number two position, second only to David and Victoria beckham in their earnings. In 2009, Katie earned 6.5 million dollars and took her wealth total to 40 million dollars. After a series of brief relationships with men such as Teddy shergham, Dwight yorke, TV gladiator ace and Dane bowers, the last of which was much published, she also had a few physical problems like cancer on her finger. She then married Peter Andre and gave birth to their third child.

In May 2009, Andre and price announced that they were separating after three and a half years of marriage. Lately, her marriage with Alex Reid has created a sensation as many of the invitees did not approve of their marriage. This has highly upset Katie price. It was an attractive pink color prom dress that was her wedding dress and though she has come through many transformations, physically and emotionally, hope she stays happy hereafter.


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