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Future Archer

Mounted Archery = martial art tradition of Central European countries, eg Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany.

Now used in Hungary Arabian horses, males who have undergone special training (in fear) and have grown up on farms and stables, not the breed is called Sagyar is a fusion of Arabian horse native Hungarian horse traction (eg kryoaimou to cart or plow).

The Hungarians have a lot of tradition in this sport, as we Greeks have in football.

Great heroes of Hungarian history was Magyar, one of them was the notorious Attila the Hun, who came from a poor family of a small Hungarian district which oppressed by local rulers.

Attila was naturally very strong and trained in martial arts since childhood.
His brother, the youngest named Buddha who was a spiritual person and later became very qualities which is why the capital of Hungary called Pest-Buda.
Buddha by Buddha benefactor of the city who was inspired by San Stefano and Pest, which means work (Buddha also
It means home to home) The river Danube separates the two cities composing one of the most beautiful cities of Europe equally
In Paris, Budapest.

Principles of Archery

First lesson

The teacher explained us and we explained again what we taught was stressing how important what we say in order to understand the immaterial – mental side of archery, this side is called archery Zen.

We always ask our needs and was kind, generous and magnanimous us.

I remember after each lesson at the end of the day we were all tired we sat in a circle around a fire, a table and we would ask one one our experiences from the day = what we learned, how we felt inside us and outside us, we listened all creating an a circular discussion with a rule not only interrupt when it is our turn.

Lesson 2

Combining a) internal to the external side

The result c (a + b = c), these data are

1 rate
2 balance
Harmony 3
ie both internal and external parties, eg mind and body balance = = Rhythm and Harmony (body and spirit)

It is somewhat difficult to explain but some pretty balanced person might understand more easily.

Harmony includes 3 factors +

1) Mind = record, read, process information
The mind is a result and a link of body and spirit, but should not be used for information because as a group are more numerous than can be recorded.

The mind of an adult human can record continuously for 4 seconds only this is very important to first contact.
One more baby and less of an animal.

The first impression is the most important, is the basis for the development of discrimination.

The distinction is the result of successive duplications and training, the work we do everyday with our body and spirit and is essential for our development but rather for the development of harmony.

The craftsmanship is the key to the balance of which Heracles into the left side of spirit and lead the merger.

Lesson 3 Voice commands and movements of martial arts

Martial commands army camp by the team leader

Vonar: Parallel array

Lora: Get off the horse

Oslop: series one behind the other

Shokos: The one behind the other in series

GetteShokos: The one behind the other in a series of two

Bosal: schoinenio halter horse (tie right down on loop)

Lesson fourth martial arts moves in the press) to distinguish the student in first grade.

1. Steps

A) We start with the left foot, make three steps forward and make change from the left side.
B) Once you get to where we started we turn from the right side.
A repeat)
Repeat this 3 times (all coming and going 6-come)

2. exercises without archery bow

a) Side shot

Left foot forward, parallel to the body, turning the right hip while walking along, right-hand area, the left chest, left arm phase 2 area. Change the left side (repeating the same three times)

Right foot forward, parallel to the body, turn left hip to foot, right hand scale, left chest area of ​​the left hand. Change the right side (repeating the same three times)

b) front shot

Left foot forward, right arm outstretched, left hand on chest, left area. Change the right side (repeating the same three times)

Right leg forward, right arm outstretched, right hand on the sternum, the right size. Change the left side (repeating the same three times)

C) Rear shot

Left foot forward, spin hip with right leg to have our backs to the goal, while the emphasis on foot and then turns his body, left hand scale, right hand on the sternum,
Phase 2 area of ​​the right hand, change with the left foot to left side, repeat 3 times.

Right foot forward, spin hip with left leg to have our backs to the goal, while the emphasis on foot and then turns the body, right hand scale, left hand on the sternum,
Phase 2 area of ​​the left hand, change with the right foot to right side, repeat 3 times.

6th Session

The worldview of the Instructor Lajos

Our teacher, was born in Hungary, a dermis 250 km from the border of Austria, in an apartment building in the village Kapposvar parents from a petty family.

From an early age he was athletic and portly but had a birth defect, the right hand thumb was not the last column,
As a result, unable to lift baby from an object.
Everything had to do it 10 times to do it than to raise a glass until it wag a chair for this reason, the basic rule of worldview is that the repetition in practice perfecting the fighter, the wit is the way to go back the defect to your advantage.

The point is that all our modern pace of life, we have lost the true meaning of life the concept of fitness and nobility of life that people had the old times.
So must each of us to go back where it has gone far ahead (aprochorita) and go forward where it has gone backwards.
To catch the moment. in my daily life, to live in the present, not the past or the future.

The walk takes you closer to mind, so all the inhabitants of this village go everywhere on foot.

For each one of us needs a village to stand by and to grow.

But we need to keep it today because the day it is not the world, everyone is alone, and there work together as a team, we eat together, we hang out, we are a non-discriminatory basis, without ego, one helps another
No one owes to the other, but are best, a painful problems of the other, and together we are a team.

Lesson seventh Personal experiences

My teacher told me many times, sit with the group, not isolated.

The beginning is always difficult.

Coordination = soul + balance requires concentration.

It helps if you use more of the right side of our brain with activities such as dancing, singing.


A) strengthen the spirit
B) Finding a balance
C) Find the coordination

A) With straight body stretched backs, shoulders back, in the belly, head up, either on the horse or foot, quicken the pace, I look away, gazing at the environment and do through me a shout if I can better to cry out the loudest of the best, I think I’m a fighter, I have managed more difficult, I am a fighter, I am spirit.

B) helps the bike without hands, meze on selle a horse (sports exercises on the horse in order to forget the horse and focus on the exercise helps walking and jogging, walking without a hand in the pool. The building and both sides of the logical left brain, right feeling, not very helpful to think of these horse have said in the beginning.

C) The coordination is the ultimate result of those mentioned above.

General instructions

Knowledge, wait get away and be patient, do not rush.

Sorting, build a good group of students around you, your feelings distributed, distributed knowledge. Sense of family, sense of confidence.

If you have the opportunity to do something good.

To help others learn to help us and they can achieve our goal.

That does not manage the first to consider a challenge to achieve with repetition.

It is very important to celebrate when we win because the only way we remember the victory.

First we take Kapposvar after Budapest.

Good luck

Lesson 8th Voyage ippotoxoti

(What to catch in 4 seconds?)

In 2000 one of the most interesting that I was some Eastern practices had a mystical element.

such as yoga, meditation, meditation, shiatsu, and martial arts such as tai chi and taekwondo.

Then I knew little of religion, not that I was looking for a simple reason, if you want a little job I was working long weekends, while some abuses, perhaps that my family does not believe in particular, I was never especially religious time, but I was not aware that I was on the right track.
So I need to figure out than others, others have done in sports, I just tried to do the smart know that while I was curious.

Not long story short it was very close to the family, my family, especially women,
My mother that my cousin and, in recent years with my cousin polyvlepomaste, but we were best friends.
And then saw that I was interested and that I have a call in massage and I said there something seminars in Athens and that she will go.
A new method of massage is called Shiatsu. It is known in China since ancient times, but becoming great rates in Europe and will soon be known throughout the world.

9th Session Conclusion

I picked my way, he chose me;,

Appeared to be instant heroes of fate, which in a molecule losing or gaining clarity on a journey in life.

The jump in forums on the train, whether they would later break the arm or neck because they did not went well at the box, but eventually what’s left;
Those who are in the train and those that look at leaving.
Easy to judge easily compare, but if subjects are your children; if parents, or even your brother, your relationship;
Perhaps it escaped my way but I dared, and dared even when it was already too late.

As much as it is the ultimate way, the ultimate self everyone at some point in our lives we believe in God.
A power that everyone either believes or does not believe interprets in his own way.
How to do but when we need to always be there;
Difficulties faced, if our faith has a duration of puzzles to see ourselves if we are on track.

Travel narrative = seminar (Training camp) camp in the Horseback Archery Instructor Lajos 2009.

Spring 2009,

On our first trip to Hungary in the first camp of the world in the sport of archery and traditional Horseback archery with global distinction in flood years and registered in the Guinnes Book Of Records as the most expedient and fast archer decade, Master Instructor Lajos, we saw whatmeans to travel back in time to an era when people traveled by wagon and horses love them.

Lesson 10
The war in an earlier era

We saw prehistoric battles with archers on horseback and doreiois up and horseback sword and a hatchet attack on a convoy doreiois Macedonians, the weapons were real and there were no casualties, I saw with my eyes incredible combination of melee combat systems of both; Greek presence was there, and the Greek flag, downloads, pictures and videos taken that day by myself.
There are also DVD to store Instructor entitled International Training Competition 2008 demonstration day, which Dunav TV channel recorded on that day as well as Live Broadcast at the most important channel of their country.
Impressive were the parades of the countries, as well as traditional camp (feasts) with horses tethered outside of the scene, their traditional equipment and traditional, like a plucked film clothes.

The previous day was the Open Day Event, a free day who want to see what work is there, education, counseling, particularly for ethnic groups in which you want if you become a volunteer with no obligation financial responsibility.
Closed 24 hours there, but we saw and Budapest.

11th Lesson From theory to practice

All that became last year in 2008.
I went deep into the atmosphere was engaged to my teacher Aristotle onwards the only property I had in my name and then started training sessions on Saturday and Sunday.
The land of my four acres in the foothills of Hymettus were starting training camp and since then our time.
There were special rules for every thing ie Officer Shot, updated with modern tools for our members, education manager and assistant.
The subjects were koinofelika without financial commitment and can participate each.
I closed one time education in spring 2008 to spring 2009 and about than my Master told me I was good, I had my own equipment, bow, etc.., The training of the horse in this field came after me and took time to build the topic of archery while the issue of horse archery would accept as their main job, but the goal was achieved.

Aristotle My teacher told me that those of us (students) we can educate the round-Instructor Lajos for Training Camp, Educational camping, we would jump in our progress and potential to take that distinction to have done so far.

12th Course Preparation

So I agreed to go and started training.
The workout was 20 km bike, 1 km run, 1 km walking, floor exercises 20 minutes 1 hour riding
25 minutes archery.

These were my own invention, perhaps ultimately it was not my fault I asked Instructor, because my teacher told me that was enough.

I remember one of the training days I bike 40 km straight as it is a marathon, and many others.
Candidates athletes departing was me and two other girls, one new and one old.

The new last minute withdrew for reasons that are never learned and it was last time before the day of departure.

I was Head of Mission, based on Aristotle had to design all of our trip, our stay in the mission, I was liable to go all safe and without complaint to our teachers there, and had to draw yet again on the day of departure to return until they are all kin and sound in their homes.

Something hard that I had not ever done before one year prior to departure back to Aristotle and another friend in 2008 in Hungary

Lesson 13th Departure

From Budapest to the village of Instructor describing ago, everything was easier because they are under the guidance and long experience of our teacher, when he arrived in the capital Budapest, not only left us to lose a penny, but once he saw that we missed the train to our destination, which was the instrument that we went from the capital city
Near the village would see the training, immediately changed attitude was a beta project, take a taxi immediately, I remember the amount was 150 million of which will be split into three, we arrived at the hotel and everything went on as the train project passing close by the hotel woke four hours after we arrived.
This happened last year in 2008.

Below follows a detailed record of my journey of training camp Horseback archery and surfing in the capital Budapest, just like I wrote after the training course in Easter 2009 in Heroes Square beneath the statue of Attila the benefactor of the country, next to St. Stephen,the benefactor of the capital and beyond.

Journey to the Instructor