Going cheap – English Language Courses in London

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London, known worldwide as the capital city of the English language, has long been an expensive place for overseas students to study the language.

That has all now changed thanks to the credit crunch. English Language Schools in London and the UK in general are experiencing a real upswing in enquiries. Massive currencies fluctuations have made learning English in London now far cheaper especially for those armed with Euros or currencies such as the Yen to attend an English language school in London.

This trend is backed up by the Worldwide Cost of Living survey published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which compares the cost of living in 140 major cities around the globe. The survey uses a range of different costs into account, for example property rental, hotel costs, entertainment such as theatre trips and right down to costs of food and drink. Crucially the costs take into account currency exchange rates, and this is where the big savings come into play for foreign students.

The survey has shown that London has slipped from joint 8th in 2008 to joint 27th in 2009, a long way below many European cities such as Paris, Frankfurt and Copenhagen, and Asian cities such as Tokyo which tops the cost of living list.

So what difference does this make to the average student booking and English Language Course? Take a 7 week full time English course, costing say £2700 with accommodation thrown in. Between April 2008 and April 2009 any paying in Euros would have found that they are paying about 15% less than before and that’s before taking into account the great deals available now on flights and rentals.

The message for anyone considering studying English in London or the UK must be to take advantage now before the currencies swing back.