Exploring the Beauty of Indonesia On Cruise Ship

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Have you ever been exploring the beauty of Indonesia tourism destination with cruise ship? Cruise tours such on divebooker are a new tour in Indonesia. Here you can enjoy several Indonesian tourist attractions as well as in one package. You can surround the beauty of the Thousand Islands, Bali Island, Lombok Island or Raja Ampat from luxury liveaboard indonesia with an incredible view.

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has an excellent role and prospect in cruise ship Tours. With a sea area of ​​5.8 million square kilometers and the world’s second longest beach line after Canada, Indonesia has tremendous potential in cruise ship development. The water of Indonesia is the largest playground or maritime arena in the world and can be a tourist destination aboard the sailboat. The tropical climate and the natural and cultural richness of each island in Indonesia is an interesting resource to be visited by tourists globally estimated at this time that there are 10 million tourist boats worldwide with around 50,000 cruise ships exploring the Southeast Asian and Pacific region.

Since the lifting of the cabotage or derelict field of cruise ships, the sector is quite passionate. Large cruises may raise passengers or embarkation and dis-embarkation in major harbors in Indonesia and facilitate services on licensing of smaller yachts, cruises. This is certainly very supportive of tourism in Indonesia considering two-thirds of the world’s coral is in Indonesia and the coastline of Indonesia is the second longest in the world after Canada.
For those of you who travel with family, this cruise vacation will bring a more intimate atmosphere. You can also introduce children to the beauty of the vast archipelago of Indonesia. Experience interesting natural phenomena such as a collection of flying bats leaving the island simultaneously just at sunset. If you are lucky, you can also watch the dolphins.