Cosmetic Surgery a Boom in Cali, Colombia

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An intense tanned in the skin is normal when returns from vacations, but how to return with largest breasts, a correction in the nose or with less weight and without wrinkles?.

It sounds rarely, but the trips that include that type of transformations are promoted for travel agents and plastic surgeons of Cali Colombia that try to attract a growing demand of tourists in search of changes to their aspect.

Savings in price and the good reputation of hospitals and medical services in Cali, Colombia are some of the advantages that the travel agents and the surgeons try to promote abroad.

They seek to take advantage of the tourist boom that this South American nation have since 2005 when, for the first time in more than two decades, attracted a million tourists, according to the Institute of Commerce and Tourism.

“Of all that people that is entering (to colombia), about a 3% come to medical procedures in Colombia, that in the 2004 were approximately 21.000 people and in the 2005 about 30.000”

Not official statistics on the number of tourists exist that arrive to country to change its image, but they say that in cities as Cali “the volume is gigantic”.

The president of the Colombian Association of Plastic Surgery declared that “in the two last years has come in increase the quantity of patients come from other parts… because they have know-how that our plastic surgery and aesthetics are very well positioned on a worldwide basis”.

There are patients that come from nearby countries as Ecuador, Panama, the Antilles, but especially of “United States and Spain have been important markets that are beginning to come to see the kindnesses of the Colombian medicine”.