Katie Price Wedding Ceremony with Her Boyfriend

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Katie price is a British celebrity who is a glamour model, business woman whose personal life is regularly flashed in British tabloids and magazines that are celebrity based. On February second, this year, Kate price and Alex Reid walked down the aisle in their wedding dress. The reports say that the couple exchanged vows in a quick wedding ceremony at the chapels a Wynn hotel at Las Vegas. Although they dated only for seven months, it came as a surprise when they decided to get married.

The early life of Katie price was disturbed when her parents split up when she was four. She has an elder brother. Katie price decided to take modeling as her career and when she sent her photos to a modeling agency in London, she was invited for a Photo shoot and signed a contract, 2010 wedding dresses eventually. She also appeared on page three of the sun newspaper and in men’s lifestyle magazines.

She also made an attempt in television series and in an episode of dream team. Her acquaintance with the singer Peter Andre later, made her tie the knot with him in a gracious wedding ceremony. Katie price has endorsed many products including the supermarket chain kwik save, the jewelry deal Argos, foxy bingo, Superdrug, derby house and many more.

In October 2006, Katie and her husband peter Andre were ranked at number two position, second only to David and Victoria beckham in their earnings. In 2009, Katie earned 6.5 million dollars and took her wealth total to 40 million dollars. After a series of brief relationships with men such as Teddy shergham, Dwight yorke, TV gladiator ace and Dane bowers, the last of which was much published, she also had a few physical problems like cancer on her finger. She then married Peter Andre and gave birth to their third child.

In May 2009, Andre and price announced that they were separating after three and a half years of marriage. Lately, her marriage with Alex Reid has created a sensation as many of the invitees did not approve of their marriage. This has highly upset Katie price. It was an attractive pink color prom dress that was her wedding dress and though she has come through many transformations, physically and emotionally, hope she stays happy hereafter.


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What Happens To Good Ideas?

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Pets2Vets – now known as P2V – is an idea that’s been growing since 2009. When Dave Sharpe, an Air Force veteran, returned from service in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, he was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder. Sharpe was gun-in-the-mouth ready to kill himself when his pit bull puppy caringly licked his ear. After realizing what saved him might save others, he started matching injured vets with shelter dogs and cats. P2V also provides training and health insurance for the pets. Considering 18 veterans commit suicide daily and 1 animal is put to sleep every 8 seconds, P2V isn’t a “petty” program.

Radio frequency chips are an old idea with a new use. In 2011 they’re used by a growing number of hotels to track inventory. The chips are bendable and washable and can be read by electronic readers up to 6 feet away. Supposedly 5%-20% of hotel linens – bathrobes, bed sheets, duvet covers, bathmats, pool towels and banquet linens – are lost. Theft by guests is a concern, but the main problem is loss by outside laundries. Unfortunately, the chips cost about $1 each. Until they are more affordable, hotel rooms will be more expensive as hotel guests “chip in” to pay for lost linens.

Photo Shop is an idea that illustrates too much of a good thing can be bad. In July 2011 Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency banned two ads for L’Oreal foundation products – one featuring actress Julia Roberts and the other featuring supermodel Christy Turlington. The ASA ruled airbrushing had made the ads misleading by exaggerating the ability of the products to cover lines, wrinkles and blemishes. A spokesperson for L’Oreal described the ads as “aspirational”. However, when studies show 25% of us feel depressed by our body, it’s time for beauty advertisements to stop distorting reality and “get real”.

Red light cameras are a good idea gone bad. As of August 1, 2011 Los Angeles joined 32 other cities in discontinuing their use. They aren’t being discontinued because they don’t work. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the cameras saved 159 lives in 14 cities during 4 years of operation. The program was ended because only 60% of the 180,000 drivers ticketed paid their fine and Los Angeles had to put $1 million into the program to keep it solvent. Perhaps those in charge of red light cameras should “picture this” – laws to enforce the fines. …

Four Tools That Can Help You Catch a Cheating Wife

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Catch her with a GPS vehicle tracking system

One of the great things about living in this day and age is the affordable technology that is available to us. In previous decades, if you wanted to have someone followed, you would have to hire a private investigator, with no guarantee that you would get any solid information or results. Today, if you want to follow someone’s vehicle, it’s as easy as placing a small device under the car and logging on to the internet.

Has your wife been staying out later than usually or acting suspicious? Is she being coy about where she has been or who she has been socializing with? Maybe she really is at her sister’s house. However, maybe she’s not. By hiding a covert GPS vehicle tracking system under her car, you can see on a Google map where she is right now, where she’s been and where she’s headed.

From the privacy of your own home, office or even a hotel room, you can track a vehicle live, in real-time via the internet. For that matter, you can literally be sitting on a sofa at Starbucks, access the WiFi on your laptop, and track your vehicle – no matter where you are or where the car is in the country! The days of paying a private investigator to sit in a car for hours, guzzling coffee, are over.

Cell Phone Recon

We just came out with a few devices that let you take someone’s cell phone and download all of the files that have been deleted. What this means is that if your wife is deleting text messages that were sent or received, or erasing calls placed and received, our cell phone recon devices will retrieve the deleted data.  This is a relatively new technology that is gaining popularity nationwide.

Monitor Her Computer

For many years now, there have been a handful of ways to see what someone has been doing on the computer. Spy software and keystroke loggers are very affordable and easy for anyone to install. Most of these covert computer monitoring devices will keep a record of such things as what websites they have visited, what terms they searched for, who they emailed, who emailed them, web surfing history, passwords. etc. A lot of parents use this technology to monitor their kids, but obviously this is also a great way to see if you have a cheating wife on your hands. The latest generation of computer monitoring devices is a small USB drive that the user plugs in for approximately 15 seconds, then removes it and keeps it with them.  Later, the user returns to the computer, plugs the device back into the USB for a few seconds and downloads every bit of activity that occurred in the interim.

The Old Reliable Spy Camera

I can’t even begin to explain how many thousands of people I’ve talked to over the past 10 years who purchased spy cameras to catch a cheating husband …

Are Your Employees Part Of Your Company's Brand?

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Branding is vital for the success of every business, no matter how big or small. A strong corporate image is the foundation for your company’s success, and it determines who you are.

In today’s competitive business environment, companies spend millions of dollars every year on branding exercises to update and enhance their image and reputation. A large percentage of this expenditure includes advertising on traditional and online medium, corporate branding, events, product packaging, and association with worthy causes through corporate social responsibility projects and sponsorship programmes, and so on. Getting associated with the right brands, philosophy or presenting your company in a good light can enhance your company’s image.

But, what sort of image or impression does your client get at his first contact with your employees?

Front-line Impressions
Employees are often one of the most undermined and under-developed aspects of a company’s foundation. Not only are they the face of your company and living representatives of your brand, they also differentiate your brand from your competitors, and deliver the ultimate brand experience you want your company to be known for.

While you are setting aside a large budget for this year’s image and branding exercise, consider this: The proof of the pudding is in the eating — are your living, breathing brand ambassadors projecting the right corporate image to the outside world? Are your employees walking and breathing your brand according to your company philosophy?

Your employees and your corporate image are every successful organisation’s two greatest assets. As long as your employees’ appearance and behaviour are not in tandem with your corporate image, the repercussions can be detrimental to your business.

I share a personal experience: A luxurious, internationally-acclaimed hotel located in town recently opened for business. Impressed by their claims to provide guests with a high-level of attentive and personalised service by a team of professional, impeccable staff, I thought the hotel could be a wonderful event venue and decided to visit. It being my first visit, I could not find my way around. Only after looking around for assistance that I noticed three service staff chatting and laughing among themselves away from the hotel entry, oblivious to guests entering the new hotel. Within a short time of its opening, the hotel had already stopped living up to its widely-publicised brand promise.

On my second visit to the same hotel one week later, I encountered a very helpful staff who readily offered his assistance when I first entered the main hallway. Although he was very attentive and helpful, I saw a jarring inconsistency in the service level and found it difficult to erase my first not-so-nice encounter on my last visit. Needless to say, my first impression of the hotel did not match up to its brand promise, and I decided not to shortlist the hotel as a possible venue for my upcoming event.

Employees — the Face of the Company
Fortunately or unfortunately, the buck does not end at your front-line employees.

No doubt, employees working …

Wedding Piper

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Wedding Piper

A wedding piper playing outside your venue of choice will really set-off the day and make it special for your guests and family alike. Whether its a wedding, party or corporate function the sound of the bagpipes will really bring a fabulous atmosphere.

There are lots of opportunities for the piper to play on your big day and the following are all included in Premier Pipers full-day piping package .

The wedding piper can play as guests, bridal party and bride arrive at the church/hotel for the wedding ceremony. This would usually last for around 30 minutes with the playing being intermittent.

Piping as the bride processes down and back up the aisle to the bagpipes, with her new husband. Quite often in this case the tune will be slightly more sombre and stately for going down the aisle, and something more upbeat for after the ceremony, so that everyone is in good spirits for the drinks reception.

Piping as the the newly weds emerge from the hotel to where they mingle with guests for photographs. There would also be some background piping for during the drinks reception if there wasn’t another band playing for during this time.

Piping as the bridal party and newly weds arrive at the reception venue. This is the case where the wedding isn’t being held in one place. Having weddings at one venue is becoming more popular, as it saves on car hire and is easier on older family members.

Piping as the newly weds (and/or the bridal party) go in for the cutting of the cake and then to the top table. A good upbeat tune to get the guests clapping is just what the doctor ordered to get rid of the nerves of anyone about to make a speach.

Finally, your Scottish piper will perform the “piper’s toast” to the Bride & Groom. Usually from a quaich and is a nice way for the piper to bid a fond farewell to the happy couple and guests.

An experienced piper will also be able to cater for any additional requests, however unusual they may be.

Which tunes?

You can pick your own tunes for the piper, and to help you there are 30 or more pipe tunes for you to select from. Alternatively leave it to Keith, as he knows from 14 years wedding piper experience, which bagpipe tunes you and your guests will enjoy and will make your wedding day extra special.

For any additional information go to Premier Pipers at http://www.premierpipers.co.uk…

Horseback riding hungary

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Future Archer

Mounted Archery = martial art tradition of Central European countries, eg Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany.

Now used in Hungary Arabian horses, males who have undergone special training (in fear) and have grown up on farms and stables, not the breed is called Sagyar is a fusion of Arabian horse native Hungarian horse traction (eg kryoaimou to cart or plow).

The Hungarians have a lot of tradition in this sport, as we Greeks have in football.

Great heroes of Hungarian history was Magyar, one of them was the notorious Attila the Hun, who came from a poor family of a small Hungarian district which oppressed by local rulers.

Attila was naturally very strong and trained in martial arts since childhood.
His brother, the youngest named Buddha who was a spiritual person and later became very qualities which is why the capital of Hungary called Pest-Buda.
Buddha by Buddha benefactor of the city who was inspired by San Stefano and Pest, which means work (Buddha also
It means home to home) The river Danube separates the two cities composing one of the most beautiful cities of Europe equally
In Paris, Budapest.

Principles of Archery

First lesson

The teacher explained us and we explained again what we taught was stressing how important what we say in order to understand the immaterial – mental side of archery, this side is called archery Zen.

We always ask our needs and was kind, generous and magnanimous us.

I remember after each lesson at the end of the day we were all tired we sat in a circle around a fire, a table and we would ask one one our experiences from the day = what we learned, how we felt inside us and outside us, we listened all creating an a circular discussion with a rule not only interrupt when it is our turn.

Lesson 2

Combining a) internal to the external side

The result c (a + b = c), these data are

1 rate
2 balance
Harmony 3
ie both internal and external parties, eg mind and body balance = = Rhythm and Harmony (body and spirit)

It is somewhat difficult to explain but some pretty balanced person might understand more easily.

Harmony includes 3 factors +

1) Mind = record, read, process information
The mind is a result and a link of body and spirit, but should not be used for information because as a group are more numerous than can be recorded.

The mind of an adult human can record continuously for 4 seconds only this is very important to first contact.
One more baby and less of an animal.

The first impression is the most important, is the basis for the development of discrimination.

The distinction is the result of successive duplications and training, the work we do everyday with our body and spirit and is essential for our development but rather for the development of harmony.

The craftsmanship is the key to the balance of which Heracles into …

Palmer Mansion

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At the time of the construction of the mansion, Potter Palmer was already responsible for much of the development of State Street. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the buildings on State Street were destroyed, and Palmer was yet again responsible for its redevelopment. Construction on the mansion began in 1882, and its exterior work was completed in 1883. However, interior decoration would continue for another two years before the building was entirely complete.

Henry Ives Cobb and Charles Frost were chosen as the architects for the mansion. The interiors were completed under the direction of architect Joseph Lyman Silsbee. John Newquist, who had already worked with Palmer on numerous other constructions, was chosen as the contractor and stair constructer. Although it was originally budgeted at $90,000, after five years of construction, the mansion would cost the Palmers more than a million dollars..

The Palmer Mansion was used for many social gatherings, including entertaining U. S. President Ulysses S. Grant, during his visit to the city, and receptions during the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition for which Bertha Palmer was a major planner and booster. The Palmers also received many other guests, including: two other U. S. Presidents, William McKinley and James A. Garfield; the Duke and Duchess of Veragua; the Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward VII; as well as the Spanish princess Infanta Eulalia.

Later ownership and demolition

Bertha Palmer’s large collection of paintings included works by Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Pablo Picasso

When Potter Palmer died in the mansion in 1902, he left his wife with a fortune of $8,000,000. After his death, Bertha Palmer continued to reside in the house, as well as in homes she maintained in London and Paris, until she died at her winter residence in Sarasota, Florida. She invested heavily in real estate in Florida where she developed farms, dairies, and cattle ranches that she administered herself, introducing many innovative practices that greatly increased the productivity of those types of business in Florida.

Even with these great investments in land, she parleyed the fortune into almost double what she had been left and, in 1918, bequeathed an estate of $15,000,000 to her sons Honor and Potter Palmer, Jr., who sold the Chicago mansion in 1930 to the industrialist Vincent Hugo Bendix, who had invented an automobile starter, for $3,000,000. Bendix renamed the property “The Bendix Galleries,” after adding paintings by Rembrandt and Howard Chandler Christy to Bertha Palmer’s former art collection. While residing within the mansion, he modernized the elevator, and installed a barber’s chair for his own use.

After living on the property for about five years, Vincent Bendix announced that the mansion would be razed to allow construction of the world’s largest hotel on the site, estimated at approximately $25,000,000. The project was never put into action, and the property was sold to Potter Palmer’s son in 1933 for $2,000,000, the amount of the building’s mortgage. The mansion stood vacant for years until …

Using Object Oriented Database Management System

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Not many people realize that when they book a hotel, book a flight, use their cell phone or use a dedicated backup machine for their small business data, they may be interacting with an object database. Object databases are more often used than we know.
In essence, object oriented database management systems (ODBMS) store objects and not data that exists in forms of real numbers, integers or strings. Objects basically comprise the following:

–    Attributes: These are the data forms that define the characteristics of an object. It may be simple or it may be reference to a complex object.
–    Method: These describe the behavior of an object and are what we formally call procedures or functions.

So that is how objects include both executable code and data. There are other traits of objects – for example if or not the methods can be accessed from outside the object. Another term that should be mentioned here is classes. Classes find use in object oriented programming to define the data and the ‘methods’ that the object will have. A class is actually like a template to the object. It does not have any data or methods but can define the data and the methods that are within the object. The class is used to instantiate the object. Class may be used in object databases to recreate parts of the object that may not actually be inside the database. Methods may not be contained in the database and may be recreated by using a class.

When to use an Object Database Management System

Object databases should be used when there is a business need of high performance with complex data. This includes many to many object relationship. We can explain this in further detail for clarity:

When you meet a business requirement, you make or save money in the process. In the context of object database management system high performance means that you can clearly see a performance improvement of between ten to a thousand times as compared to what is seen with a relational database management system. Lastly, you can be sure that you have multifaceted data if your data is like a connected graph like a bill of materials or a schema that has several intersection entities.  As an example you may have an automated stock trading application. The application gets a live supply of stock data. It utilizes that input with a historical database and applies an algorithm that establishes if any action should occur as per the live feed. The quicker the database search is, the shorter is the elapsed time between obtaining data from the live feed and establishing the appropriate action. Assuming that the algorithm is proper, this implies that the stock trading application will either help in making more money or make it possible to lose less money. Therefore, this is an example where there is a business need for high performance with complex data.

Object databases are good to work with:
•    CAS …

Follow High Standards of Hygiene with a Hand Held Bidet

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Time to say goodbye to messy toilet paper in your bathroom. The best way to follow high standards of hygiene today is to make use of a hand held bidet. These are small sprays which can clean the buttocks and private parts. Other than toilets, bidets can also be used in the showers. The tiny holes which allow water to pass through are most convenient for use in the shower.

With the help of an easy bidet attachment, you can do away with toilet paper. If you choose an electronic bidet, it can provide you with water at a temperature of your choice. The electric bidet will also help keep the toilet seat warm, which is extremely helpful during winters.  You would not want to be greeted by a frozen toilet seat on a cold winter morning now, would you?

Installation of the new electric bidet requires taking out the existing toilet seat. The reason for this is the fitting of the bidet takes place right below the seat. Once done, the seat can be fitted back again. This is the reason that the electric bidet also helps to keep the toilet seat warm, as mentioned above.

The purchase of a bidet is entirely dependent on your budget. If you have a low bidet, then fitting the non-electric or conventional bidet may be a convenient option. On the other hand, fitting an electronic bidet will definitely cost you much more. However, if you do not mind an initial expenditure, then such an attachment will provide you with a lot more comfort than the traditional bidet. It also has other features such as built-in air deodorisers, self-rinsing nozzles and a remote control for temperature.

A portable bidet is one that can be carried with you during outdoor trips. It can fit into a bag of any size. You may not be able to find the bidets installed in every hotel room that you stay in. Once you get into the habit of using the bidet at home, you may feel uncomfortable when it is not available. This is the reason why the portable bidet is highly popular among frequent travellers.

This device is a unique personal hygiene system for people on the move. It is meant to make cleansing more convenient for all. The device also prevents discomforts caused due to infections, itching, haemorrhoids and other such problems. In short, it allows you to be clean and fresh at anytime and anywhere.…

Going cheap – English Language Courses in London

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London, known worldwide as the capital city of the English language, has long been an expensive place for overseas students to study the language.

That has all now changed thanks to the credit crunch. English Language Schools in London and the UK in general are experiencing a real upswing in enquiries. Massive currencies fluctuations have made learning English in London now far cheaper especially for those armed with Euros or currencies such as the Yen to attend an English language school in London.

This trend is backed up by the Worldwide Cost of Living survey published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which compares the cost of living in 140 major cities around the globe. The survey uses a range of different costs into account, for example property rental, hotel costs, entertainment such as theatre trips and right down to costs of food and drink. Crucially the costs take into account currency exchange rates, and this is where the big savings come into play for foreign students.

The survey has shown that London has slipped from joint 8th in 2008 to joint 27th in 2009, a long way below many European cities such as Paris, Frankfurt and Copenhagen, and Asian cities such as Tokyo which tops the cost of living list.

So what difference does this make to the average student booking and English Language Course? Take a 7 week full time English course, costing say £2700 with accommodation thrown in. Between April 2008 and April 2009 any paying in Euros would have found that they are paying about 15% less than before and that’s before taking into account the great deals available now on flights and rentals.

The message for anyone considering studying English in London or the UK must be to take advantage now before the currencies swing back.…