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A Stay At Home Mom whom wishes superfluous legal income from home!?
I really need me a job to do from home. I enjoy basic Internet skills, and I am new to the Internet. I would similar to to do an job that has no start up cost. I enjoy searched all over the Internet, and it is so intricate to find a job to do. I would like to acquire paid for the work that I do. I don’t want to advertise or do any style of selling at all. I am a newbie when it comes to the Internet, so I would not know all the precise things. Please help me find a job that will wages me by check or Paypal. I really need something easy to do, and I can’t afford any high-ranking start up costs either. I don’t want to have to converse to others in person or on the phone any. I just want an steady income that does not involve me being adjectives day on the computer. If you know of any thing that can lend a hand me, please tell me. Thanks!

A trade from the comfort of home ? ?
can anybody give me some advice on how to acquire a appropriate job- while being able to stay at home ? i would approaching to be able to bring in a clothed income by working from home..circumstances are: i have six children, one of whom is being home instructed -unable to attend school-due to human being laid up from an injury. it is near impossible for me to get a babysitter ( or a ‘nurse’) and i get the impression that i need to be the person kind for them. Also, i have a bone disease that pretty much keeps me within pain & unable to do serious encyclopaedia labor. If anyone knows of a good ‘home base career’, any suggestions would help. Thanks.

A trade where on earth I can make available wager on?
I’m in high college now and I’ve decided that I want to travel into a career where I can comfort people and make a clothed amount of money. Both factors are important. Helping other general public makes me feel well-mannered and all my parents do is argue about how we don’t hold much money..I don’t want my life to be only just about that. Are there any careers that fit that criteria and what would I hold to do to go into them? &&Please don’t suggest anything in the medical pasture.

A unbelievably unprofessional point to do:?
Get this: My mom owns a hair salon and day spa here. Its not resembling a bunch of them, just one. The name of it is Changes Hair Salon and Day Spa. This foreign business just opened and it is call Changes Hair Salon and Beauty supply. Thats just cheap. I guess that person saw my mom’s business contained by the annual “best of the best” thing we have here. Your thoughts?

A unmarked profession for a 26yo feminine, back please?/?
I have a science degree and I hold worked in hospitality but I am sick of both of these career path. I like working with ppl and I close to most things actually. Can someone suggest to me a new job path I could easily attain into without any real experience, that also pays pretty okay? Thankyou 🙂

A virtuous time to seize a employment?
I’m 14 and need money, I wanna know if I should get a duty when I just started high conservatory. I currently have straight A’s for first marking term, and I really only gotta do HW and go to the gym after arts school. I got a few hours of free time a day. Is it a polite time to get a job? Also a few tips for trying to gain one if u say yes.

A website for teens 12yrs-16yrs looking for ways 2 formulate money?
Im looking for a website that will help younger ppl like 12 and 13 yrs elderly find ways to make money and who want jobs. I want the website to be capable of talk with elder teens. One that you can talk about things that turn on in teens and preteens lives.If you know any website like what I am looking for plz agree to me know!THX

A website next to career, the requirements, and stipend?
I’m trying to find a website that has different careers, the requirements to win in that career, and the recompense? I’ll choose best answer

A work contained by auto body interrogate ?
would it be a good career to step into, how much do they make per year, is it hard to start up a business, how much for a start up cost

A work scheduling quandry…?
My job has planned me for Thursday, and I have a choir concert that night. I did not know of my production and involvement in this until last week, and my post does not allow requests off unless given two week notices. I hold tried to call my co-workers (to no success) and have tried to telephone my job, they told me to “stop calling” (I called twice contained by three days) and I was embarrassed and upset. This is not the first time my career has been rude to me, surrounded by fact, it’s a weekly practice. They consistently ignore my requests stale (which are far and few between) and my manager is a lecher and punches us when he feels resembling it. His temper is to be reckoned near and he shouts at us, often in front of customers. To them, I’m a short time ago another 8.75/hour, but I need this money for college and for my car. What can I do? I own to go to this concert, or risk my involvement in the choir program, or lose my position. With college applications and many loose ties to wrap up before senior year is over, I haven’t the time nor the restraint to get a new chore. My options, so far, are as this. 1. Call out sick in the morning. They might find my arts school schedule or call my academy, so this is a bad idea. 2. Call the remaining co-worker, but even if she agrees, my organizer might be feeling fickle and decide, on a notion, that he wants me, and not her. 3. Ask if I can work from 5-7 (my hours are 5-9) and go to the concert next to the remaining time. It’s not as though this is a leisurely affair, it’s for a grade! I’m stuck and entail ideas. My parents can’t call- they made me sign a bogus, misspelled waiver when I started that “would result in instantaneous termination should my parents speak on my behalf”. So, help me choose or give me option…I need to know what to do! j

A work tutoring English as a Second Language?
I am interested in pursuing a degree contained by English to become a ESL teacher. Does that career look promising or bleak? Should I turn for it, or consider a different major? What other career choices do you enjoy with an English degree?

A Young Graphic Designer With Potential?
I’m 16 years of age with a particular interest surrounded by Graphic Design. I don’t have a lot of experience as I’m still amazingly young but I feel I can produce work to a illustrious standard when my mind is right. I’m a perfectionist and I have to make sure that my work is feature. Would someone in a Graphic Design company consider taking on a student at such a young age? I’d love for someone to newly really show some faith in my wherewithal and give me a chance. I only want someone amazing to contact me and offer me a contract. My girlfriend’s dad works with computer software and he saw my work at an art exhibition at my academy and noticed that I had potential and immediately he has offered me to work with him unpaid. I’ll be designing websites, making leaflets, business cards, etc. I feel this could really be a stepping stone in something I savour but I feel as though I want to do work on a bigger scale for companies as ably. Although I’m still studying at school. How do I attract the attention of big companies? I’d love to become a Graphic Designer because it comes natural for me. For example, whenever I see something similar to a logo, I tend to make changes on how to modernize it in my head. I don’t even try to do this, it basically happens. It’s a complication and I don’t know where I’m heading. Any support?

A&F dress code and blusher policy…are within any A&F force that can guide me?
Hello every1! I’m trying to get a job at A&F and own an interview soon. I heard that Abercrombie and Fitch does not allow employees wear eyeliner while (a) work. Do any1 know roughly speaking this? I have permanent eyeliner…do you guys construe this will be a problem? I’ll appreciate if anyone can answer this ?…let me know. Also, let me know how you know this – hold u worked there or still work there. THX

AAT accountant profession abet?
im a college dropout, didn’t get along with it, and in a minute working a dead end brief. i’m 17 and been considering various career and would like a well compensated one. i wasen’t too keen on going back to college so i started looking down the apprentiship sort of vein so i could earn aswell as gaining an education/qualification. i came across AAT which i believe is a form of apprentiship for accountancie. im lately wondering if anyone can give me detials on this course, any information would be appresiated . what it excately is, who can get one, is it tough to get onto one etc. thank you

About assignment interview I have yesterday, any generous of serve is appreciated. ?
I had interview yesterday, the interviewer was a biddable guy. The hardest part was he asked me that their other four contestants and that I should enunciate why I wanted the job. I never really thought roughly speaking it so I just told him, I’m always detached,always on time and that I’m greatly hard working. And i didn’t know what to say anymore, so anyway he told he’ll ring me on Thursday about my results. I feel really desperate and disappointed because I didn’t prepare and I want this job badly. I want to how I could answer that cross-examine and if you think they could take me for a second interview. PS : I’m impressively bad at expressing myself and convincing people. I’m 17, I enjoy 4 other experience : working in stores, KFC and serving food in a restaurant. I speak dutiful english and 5 other languages.

About available job interviews. straightforward 10 points ?
hello, people i need help out. my sister has a job interview contained by 2 days from now for some dispatch position for a cable company. she is says she is not devout with interviews and on top of that she have never had a job =[ so she think she won’t get it. idk what to tell her since i am 15 and don’t know anything in the order of interviews. so my questions are: 1. what do they normally ask? ( pls furnish me tips on how to answer the ?’s 2. if they ask you why you want this position? — what would be a good way to answer that? any guidance would be helpful i would really appreciate it if some1 would answer. i just want to give support to me sister =[ ( maybe interview her ,but i dont know what to ask! thanks

About CEO’s?…?
what do they do? do they travel? and how much do they generally get remunerated? 😀 thanks

About employement agencies?
i hate my job and i am thinking give or take a few going to an employement agency to help me find a new one. question: how much will it cost to do so? do employement agencies really find good, full-time, well-paying jobs? is it worth it? what should i voice when i call them? any other information on this matter would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

About how much will I label after graduation next to a Bachelors scope within Business and Accounting?
I think I want to double major surrounded by Business and Accounting being as though at my school they both own similar courses, with a few that are different. If I work for a bachelors degree within them both, what type of entry level jobs could I get your hands on that pays an okay amount of money?

About profession interviews ?
so if you apply for a job then do you enjoy to go to the job interview after? resembling do all jobs hold job interviews? especially jobs contained by stores ? thanks

About to start a duty… HELP?
I am about to start a Job working as a sales assistant at apple. Before I start to work within, what will they ask for? Such as a state ID, a w-2 form etc., a social security card what?

About what is the starting pay cheque for a CNA who is also a College student?
Around how much a month will they make? Anyone know?

Accept a living present and verbs interviewing?
I currently have pt employment and was just this minute offered a ft position, that seems to be a good citation for what I would like to do with my career/life, however I do own a few interviews set up for positions that I would really like and will allow me more freedom to do what I want and use others skills (better pay etc). I usually do massively well on face to facade interviews. I tried to push my start date as far back as possible however it does overlap with my other commission interviews. What should I do? If I gamble I may end up where on earth I started, however I don’t want to miss out on the opportunities to try and meet the defy. I hate to step on anyone’s toes (like work somewhere for 2 weeks than quit if I get a better offer) What should I do? I haven’t started all the same and could still resign from accepting the position.

Accepting a living later turning it down?
I’m about to graduate in December. I’ve be offered a job at one company which is my last choice and necessitate to let them know by tomorrow. I haven’t heard from the other companies where on earth I would rather work. I don’t want to turn down the job tomorrow and afterwards not get the other jobs but also don’t want to adopt it and then miss the opportunity to accept a assignment I want more. Is it improper to accept the work and if I get a better offer from someone else later turn it down after accepting it? Any suggestions?

Accidential Manager. Is it worth it.?
Hi all, As an individual contributor I have excelled next to a proven track record of accomplishments and results. I am the preverbal ‘go to guy’. As a result of my work I’ve be promoted several times and last February my manager took me aside and asked if I would be interested within ‘mentoring’ other engineers. Sure I said, be glad to help. Next thing I know the VP of Engineering for the Americas announces to the world that I will be managing a new group specifically focused in engineering applications. 10 months on I’m working 16hr days making up for the work of 7 of the 10 general public in my group that cant do the challenging systematic stuff and also ‘managing’ the group which includes product management, budgeting, performance reviews and adjectives the other administration that goes near the job. If that doesn’t sound discontented enough I didn’t get a incline… So in my own performance review just this minute I asked my manager why did he think I’d ever want to do this post? He said it was good for the company and I should appreciate the extra responsibility and visibility that the role provides. Truth is I’m feed up with the endless supervision whilst watching projects go down the pan as I dont enjoy the time and the company does not have talented front dash people to pull bad the projects. I鈥檓 caught doing both jobs wondering if I鈥檓 the one who will be fired if the projects fail as I鈥檓 responsible for everything. All the while I鈥檓 thinking that my precise skills are what made me employable and gave me job warranty. Another year as a manager and I鈥檒l lose those skills. Without knowing the value of my different management skills and seeing the technical door close aft me I鈥檓 concerned about my prospects for the future. So I’d similar to a vote. Should I: a. Embrace my managers role, learn inhabitants skills and enjoy the new challenge. As a manager my visibility will be higher and from this influential position I can steer the company, both surrounded by project management and hiring new citizens into the group. Over time I will delegate more and have time for my own professional nouns too. b. Tell my manager I’d like my infirm job back. Continue excelling contained by my field, enjoy the personal challenge and continue to solve the problems at the coal face. Job happiness and security for the same money.

Accounting interview?
I have an interview in an entry even accounting job that requires me handling the owners personal accounting and investments accounting. Also I will be working under the CFO’s supervision. Any impression what I might expect for day to day comings and goings?

Accounting Job – Entry Level?
Hello, I am currently a junior at Rowan University and an accounting major. I have be working at a convenience store for the past 5 years, unbelievable but it pays the bills while I am contained by school. I am pursuing my CPA and my masters degree and hold a GPA of a 3.925 and I really need to get some work experience. I enjoy been looking for jobs, such as accounts receivable/accounts payable however they adjectives require about 3-5 years experience! Is there any types of job I should be looking for? I was planning on asking a professor, but figured perchance I could get an idea on here first. I really want to find a career on track, and if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! Classes related to accounting I enjoy taken -Accounting I and II -Intermediate Accounting I and II -Law for Accountants -Legal Environments of Business -Organizational Behavior -Operations Management

Accused of physical invective at work! Gross miscounduct?
I have an employee that have been harassing me at work for months now. He have been saying that I slept next to him. He has also been threatening to show a couple of pictures of me he have on his phone to colleagues (which I stupidly sent when drunk months before this). He is rubbish at his job but I havent be able to sack him, as he is holding this over me, threatening to make up more stuff and show the pics if he is sack. The other night I tried to grab the phone out his pocket as I looked-for to delete the photos. In the struggle his pocket ripped. I didnt manage to get the phone. I go home and called the police. They agreed with me and he be arrested for blackmail and harassment. The police made him delete the pictures, but CPS decided not to charge him. He mentioned at the time to the police he have spoken to our boss. The next morning i received an email from my boss saying I hold been suspended from work for the next few days and hold to attend a meeting about the following allegations: phyiscal knock about, damage to personal clothing and verbal rough up. Is this a sackable offence. Do you think they will lift into account what he has be doing to me, if I tell them the whole story? Do you muse I should deny it. Nobody else saw or heard it? I dont know what to do. At work I am well respected and like by everyone. He on the other hand is disliked by almost everybody. He is always recounting lies. He is lazy and bad at his chore. The other people on the team dont want to work beside him. Advise please? Thanks.