Benefits of a Career in Sales

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If becoming financial independence is what you have been striving for, there are 3 ways by which you are able to accumulate that wealth:

(1) Starting a business,

(2) Investing in Stocks or properties and

(3) Having a career in sales.

Starting a business requires a large sum of initial capital, and is considered high risk in nature.Accordingly to a statistical research from Entrepreneur Weekly done in July 2013, 1 in 4 businesses failed within the first year of starting up, and 50% of businesses in all industry failed within the first 4 years. A business owner needed an entrepreneur spirit and strong determination to pull through in times of difficulties in order to succeed. Similarly, investment requires a large capital to have significant returns.

The third viable option would be to have a career in sales. Below are some of the advantages that a sales job has got to offer:

Income potential – A sales job offers such a high income potential that few other professions can provide. While a typical employee received a fix monthly salary, a sales representative earn commissions based on his performance. The more sales you can close, the higher will be your pay check and bonus, which means the sky is the limit. Sales is a highly rewarding career provided you know how to do your job well.

Flexible hours – You will have flexible working hours as a salesperson and are fully in control of your own time. You plan your own schedule and decide what you will be doing for the day as you deemed appropriate. As long as you delivered the results that is expected of you, you are free to do what you want. Of course, with this freedom it requires a strong self-descipline and time management skills on your part in order to excel at your job.

Important soft skills – Working in sales allow you to develop important soft skillsets that are very useful in your future career path. A salesperson learned to be confident and present a professional image in front of clients. He will possess good communication skills that allow him to interact well and build good relationship with other people. A good salesperson will also learn how to accept rejections, and over time develop valuable attributes such as the determination and perseverance to overcome challenges and difficulties.

Job security – Sales and revenues are the life-blood of maintaining a business. In times of difficultes, there is only so much to cut costs and expenses, but without sales, a business will find it hard to continue to survive. Knowing this, a good salesperson who can sell well can never be redundant. A sales professional who are able to demonstrate a good track record of successes is well sought after by all companies in most industries, and he will seldom find himself out of a job.

Interesting job scope – A salesperson will have an interesting work, as he gets to travel to different places and meet different people of varying status everyday. A sales job is ideal for those who enjoy travelling, and those who find themselves bored working as nine-to-five desk roles.

Sense of accomplishment – Sales is not really about forcing people to buy your products, but rather to discover how your product is able to match to someone else’s needs. As such, salesperson seek to achieve that, and often feel a sense of accomplishment when they managed to establish that win-win scenario. Not to mention the additional commissions and bonus that they will get.