Are All Indian Religion And Rituals Worth Following

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Every Indian is different in their religions and they devote their life to several Gods in the form of praying and singing religious songs. This devotion gives the form of rituals to practices with their Gods images and sculptures.  Since, India is known as a holy land as it is the birth place of Gods, belongs to different religions.  To get harmony of soul, there are many pilgrimage tours designed. It is a secular country with different cultured people who follow different religions. India consists of mainly five religions which are Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslims, Christians and Sikhism which are originated in India and these different religions and their temples exist in harmony and peace.


People across the world visit this holy land where all the Indian rituals take place. According to the tourists beliefs they travel to those pilgrimage destinations.  Millions of devotees visit India to get the spiritual power from pilgrimage places in India. India known as a colorful country has Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim and Christian pilgrimage tours.


In ancient times kings used to worship Gods and built religious temples sculpted with their God’s images. These Indian Temples symbolizes the devotion and richness of their ruler to rule on the people. Every temple in India has some story or myths behind it. There are almost thousands of temples in India dedicated to every God or Goddess. Like amaranth temple for Hindus, Dilwara Jain Temple for Jainism, Golden Temple for Sikhs, Ajanta Ellora Cave for Buddhism, Ajmer Sharif for Islamic and many more. Beside these there are many more religious places in every corner of India where you can find the peace.


These temples not only give religious devotions but reveal its beauty. It shows the finest art work and skills of craftsmanship in stone carving, metal statues, painting and idol making. You can see every Indian Religion has its own art to lend uniqueness in the culture and religion.


India has become the tourist places for its well known Indian Religions and cultures because it is the place of real cultural diversity. Festivals hear are celebrated with great enthusiasm, fun and gaiety with different delicious Indian cuisines of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is known for its spiritual land because it is the mixture of religion, culture, food, languages and so on. These regional territories play an important role in distinguishing ethnic groups in cultural and social identities. These religions of Hinduism, Islamic, Christians, Jainism and Sikhism enjoy the freedom of worshiping their Gods.


Tourists visit India to enjoy different festivals and fair along with twenty two different languages.  Virtually festivals are celebrated every day or every month of the year as compared to other countries. and each festival whether it is Holi, Diwali, Id-ul-Zuha, Dushera, Gurunanak’s Birthday or Christmas are celebrated by all the religions in unity and peace.


At last, we conclude, by saying that India is famous country known for its major religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Animism and Buddhism with numerous collections of holy books such as Ramayana, Quran, Bible, and so on.