6 Steps To Pub Golfing – An Exciting Way To Play Golf!

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Pub golf – an exciting, funny and potentially brutal game of drinking. This game is also known as bar golf and very popular among pub crawls. Pub golf is no way related to the conventional golf game where there is no long fairway with the glint of green, smacking a small white dimpled ball with a lump of metal rod and sending it to the air to make it fly for a long way and run after it. Pub golf surely made of keeping in mind the conventional golf game but it’s a typical drinking game which can be enjoyed by a group of friends and can have lots of fun.

Pub golf is a very simple game and can be played at anytime such as a birthday party, bachelor’s party or on any other occasion. Specially playing this game in the summer afternoons are very popular. Although this game is to make a great fun time with friends but it also has some basic rules based on which you can make a pub golf game that suits your tastes.

Basic idea of pub golf game – The whole idea of playing pub golf game is to travel around 18 different pubs or bars where each pubs or bar is considered as a ‘golf hole’. The pubs to be visited need to decide upon at least a day before the game will be played and need to be mapped out into a proper route. Among the 18 pubs one pub has to be the club house. Each pub (hole) has a per assigned to it and the value assigned to each pub can range from one to five.

Here are the important rules mentioned below:

1. A proper schedule needs to make before starting the game in order to organize and finish the game in time. Maximum time for each hole should not be more than 30 minutes.

2. Par value correspond the type of drinks and the number of mouthfuls to finish your drink. Here is an example below:
* Par 1 – shooter
* Par 2 – A glass of wine (red or white)
* Par 3 – A bottle of beer (any)
* Par 4 – A pint of beer (any)
* Par 5 – A pint of cold apple.
A good range of drinks should be added including some non-alcoholic drinks like water, orange juice, lime and lemonade, etc. However which drinks to be used should be decided before the game starts.

3. Scoring is done on the basis of sips or gulps taken to finish a drink which is designated as par. The aim is to make the lowest final score to win the game.

4. Drink substitution is allowed with a penalty which is double measure of shot. The number of shots taken for the penalty drink must be added to the score for the hole.

5. A score card should be maintained properly with the additional record of drink substitution, jokers and any other penalties.

6. Using toilet without permission may result in penalty strokes added to your score.

In an urge to enjoying and merry making we should not forget the hazards of drinking too much and to top it all driving after drinking. Everything seems to be fine when done within limits. Hence the secret of enjoying to the fullest lies in living within limits.