Wedding Piper

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Wedding Piper

A wedding piper playing outside your venue of choice will really set-off the day and make it special for your guests and family alike. Whether its a wedding, party or corporate function the sound of the bagpipes will really bring a fabulous atmosphere.

There are lots of opportunities for the piper to play on your big day and the following are all included in Premier Pipers full-day piping package .

The wedding piper can play as guests, bridal party and bride arrive at the church/hotel for the wedding ceremony. This would usually last for around 30 minutes with the playing being intermittent.

Piping as the bride processes down and back up the aisle to the bagpipes, with her new husband. Quite often in this case the tune will be slightly more sombre and stately for going down the aisle, and something more upbeat for after the ceremony, so that everyone is in good spirits for the drinks reception.

Piping as the the newly weds emerge from the hotel to where they mingle with guests for photographs. There would also be some background piping for during the drinks reception if there wasn’t another band playing for during this time.

Piping as the bridal party and newly weds arrive at the reception venue. This is the case where the wedding isn’t being held in one place. Having weddings at one venue is becoming more popular, as it saves on car hire and is easier on older family members.

Piping as the newly weds (and/or the bridal party) go in for the cutting of the cake and then to the top table. A good upbeat tune to get the guests clapping is just what the doctor ordered to get rid of the nerves of anyone about to make a speach.

Finally, your Scottish piper will perform the “piper’s toast” to the Bride & Groom. Usually from a quaich and is a nice way for the piper to bid a fond farewell to the happy couple and guests.

An experienced piper will also be able to cater for any additional requests, however unusual they may be.

Which tunes?

You can pick your own tunes for the piper, and to help you there are 30 or more pipe tunes for you to select from. Alternatively leave it to Keith, as he knows from 14 years wedding piper experience, which bagpipe tunes you and your guests will enjoy and will make your wedding day extra special.

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