Great Wall International Music Academy Concert Series – A Treat for Lovers of Classical Music

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The Great Wall International Music Academy is a summer project that was inaugurated in 2005, initiated by the Starling Project Foundation of the USA. The whole idea behind this programme was to train young talent, to bring together the future of the classical music industry, and also to promote cultural exchange in music. During the month the selected youth from around the world are provided with the best training and they are also provided with an opportunity to show their talent through a series of concerts which is known as the Great Wall International Music Academy Concert Series.

The candidates, during the Academy month, are provided with exclusive accommodation as well as lessons. The lessons come in various ways, and include, master classes, private lessons, and also chamber music coaching provided by world famous faculty members chosen from the best conservatories around the world. The combination of extraordinary talent and the best of training naturally results in exceptional artists blossoming in the classical music industry.

However, the best part is the opportunities afforded to the classical music appreciating public through the series of concerts where they get to experience the burgeoning talent of the industry. Students are given various opportunities to take part in this event, especially through a series of high profile concerts, where the thousands of audiences from around the world get to enjoy performances of students as well as maestros. Most often these concerts are held at the Beijing Concert Hall and generally each year there are three public shows held at this venue showcasing the talent of the Great Wall International Music Academy.

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