How To Choose A Horseback Riding Camp?

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Going for a horseback riding camp is one of the most exciting ways of spending the vacation. There are a number of training centers that offer equestrian camps for kids, adults and families where they teach how to ride a horse with perfection. However, there are some important considerations that need to be made when choosing a camp and the instructor.

Horseback riding camp is a blast. Horseback riding summer camps can be found all over the world. There are different camps for kids, adults and families. You can go to a camp in the mountains, on a ranch or exotic location around the world.

No matter what type of horseback riding camp you are going to attend, you will be provided with experienced staff members, instructors and well trained horses. These camps have an abundance of knowledge about horses and horseback riding and aim at providing you with the right skills to perfect your riding ability. These camps are an ideal place for you and your family to learn about horses.

Some of the horseback riding camps not only teach riding but also teach you about showing, cantering, trotting, grooming, jumping and barrel racing. They also provide you with the necessary skills and techniques required in handling and caring for a horse. Here you will learn about the different types of equestrian equipment needed to maintain and ride a horse and the safety measures that must be taken when riding a horse.

There are horseback riding camps that teach you roping and herding. The trainers teach you how to handle the reins, how to stop the horse and the different gaits. Some of these camps also teach vaulting. During the camp time you also learn about the different types of tack used to ride a horse and how to clean and clear the tack. Many of these horseback rising camps also offer sessions on proper horse care.

There are a number of necessary considerations that need to be made when choosing a horseback riding camp. Here are some of them.

The very first thing to decide when selecting a camp is the style of riding that you want to learn. The two main styles are English and Western. To explain the difference between the two, Western style is generally associated with cowboys and ranches and include activities like trail riding and barrel racing while English riding focuses on jumping, racing and horsemanship.

Location is another important thing to consider when selecting a horseback riding summer camp. You can opt for a destination camp or one that is situated locally. If you are searching for a camp for your kid, prefer a local camp as it costs lower and your child spends the night at home. On the other hand, destination camps are suitable for more mature riders as they meet individuals of their own age and get more deeply involved with horses than they can be at a local camp.

The horses should be healthy and the camp should …

Why Upgrading May Not Be Good for Your Marriage

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In my business life I constantly promote the concept that things can be made better, faster and more cost-effective via the use of process improvement tools. I teach a program known as Lean Six Sigma (LSS) that has been embraced by advocates of health care, manufacturing, retail and government.

I have always believed the tools in my program have a practical use in personal situations, especially when applied to marriage and the family.  I don’t, however, always embrace the concept of upgrading.  In fact, upgrading can be damaging to the marriage for a number of reasons.

For a moment, consider the notion of upgrading.  Generally, for a couple, this has a financial connotation. Upgrading may mean a more economical car, a bigger house, a faster computer or a more expensive vacation.  Is there anything wrong with wanting more physical possessions? The answer is sometimes.  Naturally, if the couple cannot afford the upgrade and become involved in impractical financing options, there could be serious ramifications. As a rule, however, simply desiring a material object is harmless. We are constantly approached by the media to upgrade.

Upgrading is often considered the output of opportunity.  This is a part of the American dream. Progression is encouraged in our school system.  Upgrading is often viewed as the marker of success.  In general, western culture embraces achieving higher goals; in other words, upgrading our personal story.

Unfortunately, our society is so conditioned to upgrading that it can hurt even the most committed relationships.  There is an underlying fear that “we should be doing better,” If we are not upgrading our lives we are not evolving.  If we aren’t evolving, something must be wrong.  This type of thinking can erode the marriage partnership and create unnecessary drama.

Still, this is not the worst of the implications we internalize.  Fear of the upgrade can paralyze women. Women begin to fear other women who may be sexually appealing to their husbands.  Women worry that these feminine beings are prettier, smarter, more dynamic or just basically nicer people.  Men are not exempt.  They may fear that their wives may want to upgrade to a more dominant or powerful male.  Everyone, male and female, have insecurities.

We are genetically hardwired to gravitate to, or at least respect, power.  It is not uncommon for men or women to take a job that offers prestige over salary.  This dispels the myth that upgrading is solely about money or having better things.  We upgrade, sometimes, for self-esteem.

When couples concentrate too heavily on the upgrade, there may be an underlying thought that things aren’t good enough now.  This can be dangerous.  It can cause unsavory behaviors and restlessness. We all have experiences where a parent or a teacher told us that they were disappointed in us or that we were not maximizing our potential.  Rarely does this type of revelation from another person create a desire within us to perform better.  If anything, we rebel.

Wanting more does not necessarily mean you are …