By Land, By Sea, By Air: Prehistoric Migration Issues

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Author’s Note: The scenarios within are those of a timeframe from roughly 13,000 to 200,000 years before the present, and thus way before the era of agricultural settlements. We’re dealing with our nomadic hunter-gatherer ancestors here. Key dates are: African origin of modern humans, Homo sapiens, at about 200,000 years ago; an Out-of-Africa migration started roughly 70,000 years ago; our global colonization (except for Antarctica and Oceania) was completed by 13,000 years ago.

When it comes to humans, here defined as Homo something or other, not necessarily just Homo sapiens, colonizing the world from Ground Zero, that’s Africa, well several problems arise.

Humans (as in Homo sapiens) originated in Africa and some ultimately did, slowly, ever so slowly, migrate Out-of-Africa (not that they actually were aware of this), eventually spreading out and colonizing the world (apart from Antarctica and Oceania east of Australia and west of South America) by at least 13,000 years ago. Exactly how is not fully understood, least of all by me. The central, but not exclusive, issue I have is with respect to our ways and means of trading in being exclusively nomadic land-lubbers for acquiring sophisticated maritime abilities as well; abilities required if our global colonization scenario is to be believed.

Problem One: Boats Required but No Show-Boats Found

When it comes to human migrations, there are certain lands that have been colonized by both Homo sapiens and Homo erectus that involved crossing reasonably vast expanses of ocean – vast at least for those cultures that existed over 60,000 years ago, when, for example, Australia was colonized by what’s today known as the Australian Aborigine. Even earlier, Homo erectus island-hopped the numerous Indonesian islands as attested to by fossil evidence. In both cases, these ancient cultures had to have acquired rather extensive boat-making, sailing and navigation skills that would allow a large enough population to cross over the ocean waters, since even during Ice Age conditions, these Indonesian islands, and Australia, were still isolated by oceans.

Sailing the oceans blue: that’s a pretty big ask for primitive humans all those tens upon tens of thousands of years ago. But, there’s another way of crossing the ocean blue – we do it all the time today. We don’t sail, we fly. Perhaps our ancient ancestors were flown to Australia and the Indonesian isles! Since aerial technology is even more outlandish than maritime technology, well, perhaps the aerial technology belonged to advanced beings – ancient aliens or ancient astronauts. One other observation in favour – there are fossil finds of this or that hominid species at A, B & C. Alas, geographical points A, B, & C are separated by thousands upon thousands of miles. No fossils are found at any points in-between A & B, or B & C. An obvious explanation, they didn’t migrate between A & B and B & C at several tens of kilometres per generation; they were flown from A to B to C, thus explaining the …

World Venture For Entrepreneur Opportunities

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The World Venture is one of the entrepreneur opportunities offered on the internet as a network marketing business. If you are looking for a home based business, you might want to check to see if this is a opportunity for you.

World Venture was started and founded by Wayne Nuget and Mike Azcue in 2005. They wanted their  success to grow to be a billion dollar business in the travel industry world. Which the company has grown and developed very fast. If you are able to get in at the early stages of the business there is some serious money to be made here with the continuous success.

The fast growth and success of the company was established by the power of the internet and network marketing. This industry is a successful business, because who wouldn’t like to travel. This is a dream for many people to see the world or even just the country.

The compensation plan for World Venture and how this works is something that you will have to decide if this is a good fit for you and your life. Just to get started initially with the company is $99 as a representative. If you decide to enter into the Leisure Travel Consultant package and the Dream Trips package you will get a more reasonable rate of $49. The company offers a car bonus and home buyers bonus, but it will take a lot of work and time to receive these bonuses. It can be done, with persistence.

The products they have to offer is a Dream Trips package of $199, a Leisure Travel package for $350, or buy both packages together and pay a discount price of $350. In order to make money, you need to sell these packages. What it comes down to is you are selling memberships to travel. The membership gives you prices at wholesale and a representative package. In order to build your down line, it takes signing customers up with the company. In order to make money, you need to be signing people up for memberships as many as you can and as fast as you can. So finding out how to market is important.

As you build your down line the people at the top grow financially and the people at the bottom keep working until the can become a Regional Marketing Director. To get to the Regional position you need to have 3 or more people under you, and build 300 more people under each one of your 3. All together you are going to need 900 people to sign up in order to reach this position. Quite a long haul and a lot of hard work and time.

The World Venture is a good company and is very successful one. With entrepreneur opportunities offered you will do great if you know how to market yourself and get your name out there. That is why the internet is so great to have a business online, because you can …

Advantages and Disadvantage of Cheap Air Tickets

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Air travel has now become a common scenario among most of the people as there is a rise in the economic level of the people. Not only because of this reason, the cheap airline tickets are also considered as one of the strong reasons for the people to prefer airlines rather than going in first class trains. The cheap airline tickets are a new trend that is now commonly available among all the airline providers. Here we can discuss in detail about some of the common features of these tickets, their pros and cons also.

The cheap airline tickets are the best one when properly planned. It is not possible to book these tickets anytime and anywhere. These cheap airline tickets are available before 6 months from the date of journey. Hence, one would need to make sure that they plan 6 months ahead of the journey. Also these tickets do not ensure you with the seat of your choice. These free meal and other extra facilities are also not a part of these tickets.

Coming to the advantages of these tickets, they are very cheap when compared to the regular tickets. The cost of the ticket primarily involves the tax only. These tickets are available well in advance and hence when one has a proper idea as to when he is planning to depart, he can go ahead and book these tickets. Early morning travelers have an added advantage as there are more of these cheap airline tickets at that time.

The disadvantages include the ticket cannot be cancelled or rescheduled or transferred. The person for whom the ticket has been booked must travel in the same flight as booked. There is no refund for cancellation also. Thus, one can say that in order to travel using these cheap tickets, one should have a proper planning.…

Hospitality: the Perks of Travel and Hospitality Jobs

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Travel and hospitality jobs are usually put under the limelight nowadays and you can expect this to happen for the next couple of decades to come. As science and technology evolves, so does the availability of job positions in different industries. This trend too is applicable with service oriented industries like hospitality.

What Are They?

Jobs that would fall into this category are usually those that involve providing services, accommodation and hospitality whilst travelling. These are usually hospitality jobs that are based on cruise ships, airlines, and land tour companies. Common job positions would be tour guides, discovery guides, docents, and interpreters.

However, for cruise ship based jobs, there are much more positions offered. For instance, you could be a chef and work in the ship’s kitchen, a lifeguard where you’ll be based near the pool while watching children, a bar tender, waiter/waitress, bellhop and lot more.

Do You Want A Beneficial Job?

If you want a job that has a lot of benefits, then you should get into the line of travel and hospitality jobs. This industry is considered to be one of the most promising according to experts. It is also an area where you would enjoy growing and developing your talents.

If you have no idea of what are the benefits you can get from jobs like these, then here are some of the common perks of travel and hospitality jobs given by various companies.

Security And Stability

One perk of being in this kind of career is the high probability of having a stable job. There is a continuous demand for these types of jobs. Once you’re in, your employer would definitely love to keep you in the crew, provided that you work well and properly of course.

Additionally, even if you end your contract with your current employer, you can still have a new job in a different company in no time; since it is pretty easy to find job openings in this area of the industry. Thus, your income would definitely be stable no matter what happens.

Lodging And Food

Usually, jobs in this industry are also inclusive of meals and lodging. However, it would still depend on the position you are in and the company you are working for. If your job requires some travelling, then there’s a good chance that this kind of perk is included.

For lodging, it may be the case that your company has a specified place where you can stay or they may be willing to reimburse your lodging expenses. For food, companies usually have a separate cafeteria just for workers where you can take your meals or just like in lodging, they may be willing to reimburse your food expenses or give you food allowances.

Huge Tips

Since this is a people and service oriented path, there is always the chance of getting tips from customers. Other than that, there is also the chance of meeting big tippers along the way. You can count on this opportunity …

Incredible India Tour Packages for a Best Vacation

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India, since ancient times has been a land of history, traditions, culture, art, architecture, and many other things that have been attracting tourists from all over the world to come and explore this heavenly land. It would be unfair to not mention the picturesque landscapes that are found almost everywhere in this country that leaves travellers spellbound. Offering travellers with a variety of places to visit in every corner of the country; and so many things to do, India has been on the list of many travellers. Today, with tourism on the rise that is making travel easier, most people want to explore different places over the globe, one of the main countries being India.

There are many India tour packages that are offered depending on the places you wish to visit. Most travel companies today offer personalised tour packages to India, in order to let you explore the destinations of your choice without any hassle. India being a vast and diverse country, the tour packages are categorized as per the location, namely, North, South, East, West, North-East, etc. for better clarity of the destinations to visit. All of the India tour packages are categorized under these divisions. There are many tours that are offered in India. Here below are a few India tour packages to make sure that you have the best vacation in India.

The Delightful Himachal: Himachal Pradesh is called to be the ‘Home of Snow’ and is a picturesque location that is filled with pleasant surprises. It is at this destination where you will find breath-taking snow-peaked mountains, river valleys and a playground of adventures that await you. Himachal offers few of the best sightseeing in Northern India which you must include in if you’re taking a North India tour package.

•Shimla: An extremely popular hill station in North India, Shimla is known as the summer capital of British India and has few of the best views of delightful green hills, snow-capped mountains and undulating rivers. Shimla also has a few attractions that will entice you. A few of them are the Shimla Christ Church, The Ridge, the Scandal Point and The Green Valley.

•Kullu Manali: Kullu Manali, often referred to as traveller’s paradise, has a lot to offer in terms of both beauty and adventure. Thus, inviting many trekkers from all over the world to be a part of their trekking expeditions. Mountain climbing, paragliding, white water rafting and skiing are a few activities that are offered to tourists. Apart, from adventure, Shimla also offers sightseeing to places like the Raghunath temple, the Basheshwar Mahadev temple, the Solang Valley, Buddhist Monasteries and a few others. The Twisty Beas River, however, is the main attraction of Manali.

These two places are the main tourist attractions of Himachal Pradesh among the many other attractions like Delhi, Spiti, Dharamshala, Dalhousie and Mcleodganj. If you are looking forward to exploring North India, then these destinations must be on your North India tour package.

Magical Kerala: Unlike Northern India that …

Overseas Education Singapore – Admission Procedure & Scholarships

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Universities and Polytechnics

When applying for your overseas education in Singapore, you need to apply keeping in mind the academic calendar and deadlines of the University you are applying to. Mostly application forms are available online on each university website and there`s usually a guide also available to help you fill up the application form.

Collect all the documents and the exams scores that you will need and start applying. You also have to make sure that as an international student you have the documents and transcripts available in the same format as accepted by the university you are applying to. Your study overseas in Singapore application form will require your personal Particulars, contact Information, academic qualifications, exceptional talents and achievements, exemptions and scholarships, choice of courses that you are applying for, creating admission PIN, which will be the personal password for the applicant to login to online application status.

Once you have applied to a University for your overseas education in Singapore, the short listed candidates will have to go through the interview, arrangement for which will be made by the university.

Fee & Expenses

The Government of Singapore provides substantial tuition subsidy which comes in the form of a tuition grant and is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and offered to all admitted students including international students who opted for overseas education in Singapore. Students who apply for and are approved for the tuition grants need to pay only the Direct Payment of fees which is the subsidized amount. The tuition grant is not repayable and Singapore citizens in receipt of it will not be required to undertake a service bond. However, Singapore Permanent Residents and international students who take up Tuition Grant will need to sign the TG Agreement and work in Singapore-based companies for 3 years upon graduation. To apply for the Tuition Grant offered by the Government, international students will be required to apply via Singapore Ministry of Education. For students who are not eligible for or choose not to apply for the Government Tuition Grant Subsidy Scheme, will need to pay the annual full fees. While the subsidized fees remain unchanged during the course of study, the full fees is subject to change depending on the amount of Government tuition grant subsidy. Financial Assistance Scholarship

Deserving students can apply for financial aid which will be offered if they meet the eligibility criteria. Financial aid is provided to deserving candidates in the form of scholarship from ASEAN Scholarships; SIA Youth Scholarships; A*Star India Youth Scholarships; MOE Scholarships for Pre-University Studies; Hong Kong Scholarships & Awards.

Tuition Grant

There are various courses for which the students (regardless of nationality) are given tuition grant. Candidate who already hold a degree or higher qualification will be eligible for Tuition Grant if they wish to pursue a second course of the same or lower level so long as they did not attain their bachelor`s or higher degree through subsidy by MOE or sponsorship by the …

Riding for Adults: Why Should You Learn Horseback Riding? Part I

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For the fulfillment of childhood dreams;

Developing societies put a bar of activities that one must accomplish as one ages. Most people are just satisfied as being conformists, if you don’t start achieving what is expected you might be considered as strange or peculiar; however these expectations may differ in different societies.

If we step astray from conformation somehow the disapproving looks start appearing. But, to achieve the life you want too much conformity impedes it. Don’t be afraid to let your own uniqueness become the path of your dreams.

Flashes of inspiration can come from any aspect of our lives. In an instant you may find the feeling of being uplifted by something that triggers passion within you, it can be a song from a radio, from a line you were reading in a book, or a picture. It can be anything. Somehow they transform into seeds that ignites a specific dream in your heart.

Dreams are uniquely shaped because everyone lives in different circumstances. The blessings you shall reap out of pursuing those dreams can bring a different sense of joy and fulfillment that only you can experience. Our emotions are a wonderful guide as to where our thinking is focused, which helps shape these dreams. If your focus is on what you don’t want you’re probably not going to feel good. But if your focus is on what you do want then you might start feeling great.

Probably when you were still a little younger, you thought yourself leading a different kind of life. But as some things started to be expected out of you, you chose a different path instead of the one you dreamt of. As we learn to control our instinctual life by intellection, we more and more renounce as unprofitable the formation of intense wishes as are natural to childhood.

When you were younger you might have gotten entranced by movies such as Black Beauty, Flicka, or Seabiscuit, seeing there beauty and majestic elegance made you wish you had a beautiful horse yourself that you can be friends with and just have a wonderful time together. Maybe because of responsibilities and duties, you begun setting aside that childish yearn.

In order for inspiration from the dreams of our hearts to take hold again and grow into joyous mature dreams, you must have faith and stop thinking negatively that they can’t be achieved just because time has caught hold of you. As sparks of a dream begin to crystallize into reality once more, it attracts other forces which can help it materialize, as what the Law of Attraction states. It’s never too late to accomplish a dream, it never had an age limit!

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Langston Hughes

A different and interesting way to exercise;

Parks and green spaces make an important contribution to physical health by providing places for walking, for playing, for sports, and for the welfare of good …

Cosmetic Surgery a Boom in Cali, Colombia

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An intense tanned in the skin is normal when returns from vacations, but how to return with largest breasts, a correction in the nose or with less weight and without wrinkles?.

It sounds rarely, but the trips that include that type of transformations are promoted for travel agents and plastic surgeons of Cali Colombia that try to attract a growing demand of tourists in search of changes to their aspect.

Savings in price and the good reputation of hospitals and medical services in Cali, Colombia are some of the advantages that the travel agents and the surgeons try to promote abroad.

They seek to take advantage of the tourist boom that this South American nation have since 2005 when, for the first time in more than two decades, attracted a million tourists, according to the Institute of Commerce and Tourism.

“Of all that people that is entering (to colombia), about a 3% come to medical procedures in Colombia, that in the 2004 were approximately 21.000 people and in the 2005 about 30.000”

Not official statistics on the number of tourists exist that arrive to country to change its image, but they say that in cities as Cali “the volume is gigantic”.

The president of the Colombian Association of Plastic Surgery declared that “in the two last years has come in increase the quantity of patients come from other parts… because they have know-how that our plastic surgery and aesthetics are very well positioned on a worldwide basis”.

There are patients that come from nearby countries as Ecuador, Panama, the Antilles, but especially of “United States and Spain have been important markets that are beginning to come to see the kindnesses of the Colombian medicine”.…

Medical Tourism in Thailand – Prasan

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1. Medical Tourism in Thailand

Health travel, once a luxury of only the rich, can now be enjoyed by virtually all. In the days of yesteryear, hardly anyone even pondered the possibilities of going abroad to a distant foreign land to have treatment. But now, with the advent of the world becoming the one and only global village, millions are crossing international datelines in hope of achieving a ‘better new life’.

One of those countries which have sprung to life as a destination for medical treatment is the south-east Asian country of Thailand. Unlike most Western countries, the cost of private medical treatment is cost-effective where hospitals do not charge a bomb. Contrary to popular belief, the standards in Thailand are of an extremely high international standard where many of the health workers have graduated in developed Western countries. Looking at it straight on, the reality is – Thailand can offer the patient the same kind of treatment as back home while enabling him or her to enjoy the holiday of a life time. The uptrend of medical tourism in Thailand is escalating to meteoric heights.


Thailand’s first hospital was founded during the reign of King Chulalongkorn and the Medical Association of Thailand was established in 1921.

Prince Mahidol, the father of the present king Bhumibol, has much to do with developing medical schools in Thailand and goes down in Thai history as ‘The Father of Modern Thai medicine’. Prince Mahidol realized the importance of bringing Western standard medical practice to Siam and so helped fund many of Thailand’s doctors and nurses to go abroad to further their studies at institutes such as Harvard and MIT in the United States. And it was those health workers who planted and later sowed the seeds of a world-class medical network in Thailand.

Latest Situation

Westerners are currently arriving in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, in exhilarating numbers to undergo medical treatments at a fraction of the cost as that charged in their home countries.

On top of having treatments conducted by highly trained and skilled doctors, patients can also enjoy a marvelous holiday in one of Asia’s prime tourist destinations. Many of the country’s hospitals are now globally renowned for their expertise. They include Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok General Hospital, Samitivej Hospital and Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital.

Figures and Statistics

Thailand as a destination for medical treatment has rocketed in recent years and they have the statistics to prove it. Take just one country like the United Arab Emirates for example – over 60,000 of their citizens a year come to Thailand to enjoy treatment. Two of the Thailand’s top hospitals Bumrungrad and Samitivej treat patients of whom 40% are foreign – this kind of high percentage is quite phenomenal.

According to the Kasikorn Research Centre, 2005 alone attracted an unprecedented 1.28 million foreign medical travelers which generated revenue of 33 billion baht. That means therefore, that on average each patient spent 25,800 baht for their treatments. It was revealed in …

Birth Natal Chart For The Zodiac Sign Taurus

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Ascendant Sagittarius (I Understand) The Healer Ruled By Jupiter Archangel Raguel (Divine Order) is associated with this Ascendant. Raguel holds the scales of Balance (Libra (Twin Flame)).

The Ascendant highlights your Personality. Your Sun Sign is Taurus with a personality of A Taurus.

Your Moon Sign is Gemini (I Think). The Moon is connected to Archangel Gabriel. The Moon rules Cancer which is the family sign. Gemini is ruled by Planet Mercury which also rules Virgo. Your Moon sign informs us that you would have Intuitive, Mystic (Moon) Communication (Mercury) of a multi-tasking (Gemini) kind. Virgo is an analytical worker who often uses critiques to cause motivation.

Your Moon Sign is Gemini (I Think). The Moon is connected to Archangel Gabriel. The Moon rules Cancer which is the family sign. Gemini is ruled by Planet Mercury which also rules Virgo. Your Moon sign informs us that you would have Intuitive, Mystic (Moon) Communication (Mercury) of a multi-tasking (Gemini) kind. Virgo is an analytical worker who often uses critiques to cause motivation.

Your Sun Sign is Taurus (I Have). Taurus the determined worker. Tauruses are focused and can some times be stubborn. Archangel Chamuel (A Taurus) is associated with Taurus. Chamuel is the Restorer of Love and a Helper to Soul Mate (Twin Flame) Relationships.

Your Mid Heaven (MC) or 10th House Sign Is Virgo. Your Tenth House Concerns Your Career and how people view you publicly. Virgos are good workers and analytical thinkers. Sometimes Virgos critique which be view as critical. Health is associated with Virgo. Your career or how the public views you might be equated to the ways of Virgo.

The Universe Appears to have been birthing you into a Communicator, Multitasker (Gemini Mercury), Analyzer, Worker (Virgo) & Healer (Sagattarius & Virgo (Health)).

First House (Ascendant) Sagittarius The Healer (I Understand) –The First House Focuses On Self (You) The Universe placed Saturn the Rule Maker (Such as Employer) in Your House. Saturn would attempt to “Regulate” your Healer Personality. You would have to deal with a “Ruler Maker” type of situation in your life time. The Good News is that Saturn rules Capricorn and thus you would still be a good worker. Both Capricorn and Virgo (Ruled By Mercury) are Good Workers. The Universe also placed Uranus into your First House of Self. Uranus is a Free Spirit, “Revolutionary”, Rebel. Uranus rules Aquarius. Aquarius Is An Enlightened Energy that Enlightens the World (or Community) Around Them. Sagittarius & Aquarius are quite similar just at Virgo and Capricorn are somewhat similar.  Planet Uranus would help you to stand strong against Saturn the Rule Maker. The Pharisees gave Law whereas Jesus gave Spirit (Freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17; John 3:1-16; Galatians 5:21-26).

The Asteroid Juno is also in your first house of Self with the Ascendant of Sagittarius. Juno describes the type of person you would like to be in a relationship with. Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a Healer? Who wouldn’t want to be pampered?

Archangel …