Exploring the Beauty of Indonesia On Cruise Ship

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Have you ever been exploring the beauty of Indonesia tourism destination with cruise ship? Cruise tours such on divebooker are a new tour in Indonesia. Here you can enjoy several Indonesian tourist attractions as well as in one package. You can surround the beauty of the Thousand Islands, Bali Island, Lombok Island or Raja Ampat from luxury liveaboard indonesia with an incredible view.

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has an excellent role and prospect in cruise ship Tours. With a sea area of ​​5.8 million square kilometers and the world’s second longest beach line after Canada, Indonesia has tremendous potential in cruise ship development. The water of Indonesia is the largest playground or maritime arena in the world and can be a tourist destination aboard the sailboat. The tropical climate and the natural and cultural richness of each island in Indonesia is an interesting resource to be visited by tourists globally estimated at this time that there are 10 million tourist boats worldwide with around 50,000 cruise ships exploring the Southeast Asian and Pacific region.

Since the lifting of the cabotage or derelict field of cruise ships, the sector is quite passionate. Large cruises may raise passengers or embarkation and dis-embarkation in major harbors in Indonesia and facilitate services on licensing of smaller yachts, cruises. This is certainly very supportive of tourism in Indonesia considering two-thirds of the world’s coral is in Indonesia and the coastline of Indonesia is the second longest in the world after Canada.
For those of you who travel with family, this cruise vacation will bring a more intimate atmosphere. You can also introduce children to the beauty of the vast archipelago of Indonesia. Experience interesting natural phenomena such as a collection of flying bats leaving the island simultaneously just at sunset. If you are lucky, you can also watch the dolphins.


Soft Golf Travel Bags or Hard Golf Cases

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Golf vacation bags or vacation golf cases often provide golfers in which put into action them with many problems. The difficulties incorporate the area necessary, the weight and yet the price for the golf journey bags. To match the manufacturer, traveling golf cases can always be considered really high-priced. Together with this becoming said, you will generally get hold of what you pay for particularly in case you want a little bit a lot more safety than just soft handle traveling golf instances can provide.

In the event that you are usually getting ready to go on the golf holiday and want to examine travel golf cases for your golf bag, what are the functions which would end up being significant to you in the golf travel standing? Make a new list of then write down the features of which would probably end up being “nice to have” and another list of features that are the “must have.” The level of safety in which you will want is likely to be determined that by the sort of golf getaway you is actually taking because well while the golf vacation trips you may make in the long term.

In case your future golf vacations are only a drive apart, then your needs will be more inside the lines of lust the softer vacation golf instances. When you is going to be touring just by tour bus, prepare or together with an airline and you are not handling your own bag, this is very suggested to go with an increase of security because normally the bag handlers do not care as often related to your golf clubs, such as the Callaway golf clubs since you perform.

Generally individuals who purchase golf vacation cases get road trips since well while travel. These golfers are standard golfers whom for instance to take their clubs with them at the time they go on holiday and not lease a collection while on their golf vacations from the individual golf course. You need a large level of security at the time hovering, given that your clubs get to become safeguarded with the rough handling they can get in and off the aircraft. Once again, the bag handlers accomplish not care the maximum amount of about your best golf clubs as you carry out.

Keep in imagination although you tend to be searching in recent golf travel circumstances, you furthermore need something that is likely to become fairly easy to get in and away of the trunk. Your golf bag will also have to have to comfortably in shape inside the protect, in addition to any other contents for example golf shoes, rainfall go well with, golf clothes, etc. which you could maybe take using you on a golf trip. Whether or not it’s just a brief trip, you might think about any journey case which could double being a baggage issue. Manufacturers for instance Club Glove offer golf vacation instances that you can in shape in a …

The Good and Bad of Cruise Ship Employment

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A lot of people need a little bit of a break after graduating from college. Knowing that you will be spending at least the next forty years working can be a lot to handle. So it’s good to take advantage of the break you get before entering the working world. If you have to pay off college loans, you may not feel like you can take a break. To get away for a while and yet make some money in the process you may want to consider cruise ship employment.

The Benefits

There are some really great benefits to cruise ship employment. You get a chance to travel for free, you don’t have to pay for living expenses, and you have a chance to save up money. Getting to travel the world for free is without a doubt a wonderful gift. Working on a ship allows you to explore exotic places without dishing out a penny. Living expenses are taken care of because you split a room with another person in the crew cabins, the food is free, and you don’t have to worry about utilities. Since you won’t be spending money elsewhere, all the money you make can be saved for paying off the school loans or for a downpayment on a house.

The Reality of Cruise Ship Employment

There are a lot of difficult things that you have to deal with when you take a job on a cruise ship. First, it can be hard to get a job without help. So you’ll want to consider using a crew agency to help you find a job placement. If the place guarantees you a job placement, it is likely that the agency is a scam. So, you’ll need to be weary when finding a crew agency.

There are two types of jobs on a cruise ship. You can be a part of the crew that runs the ship, both on and off deck and there are those that service the passengers. The departments within the two categories are numerous, but there are a lot of people fighting for the positions. So, it can be tough to get a position.

Another drawback to cruise job is that you don’t get as much down time as you would get in a different job. Usually each cruise ship takes on a limited number of crew members and each crew member has a lot of responsibilities. This means that you need to be able to multitask and relax when you get the chance.


There are benefits and drawbacks to cruise ship employment like there are with any job, but how many jobs are like a vacation? For more information on cruise ship employment look online or visit a crew agent. Cruise ship employment could create the best memories of your life.…

How to Get Your Happily Ever After Back

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In the beginning it was a lot like a fairy tale. You met your Prince Charming. You fell in love with him and he fell in love with you. It was a whirlwind courtship and you believed you both on your way to the storybook wedding you’d always dreamed of. Then, reality set in and happily ever after suddenly doesn’t seem quite so certain.

You both still love each other. There’s no doubt about that at all. In fact, love is the least of your worries. There’s plenty of it to go around. The passion is still smoking hot too. A little too hot – at least when passions are high in the process of disagreeing. So, what is the problem that’s taken you off course and what can you do to get your happily ever after back on track?

Write a Different Script

Work on this script together. The problem with happily ever after is that you’ve got two separate visions of exactly what that means coming into the picture – both of those visions are more than little bit unrealistic too. It’s time for the two of you to have a long talk about what you expect from each other, what you’d like to get out of the relationship, and how you’d like to be treated.

Figure out which things you really need in a relationship, which things you’d like to have in a relationship but can be relatively happy without, and which things you can live without – provided that all your needs and some of your “wants” are being taken care of.

Decide on these things together and see how differently happily ever after turns out to be for both of you. Just make sure that you’re both doing a little bit of giving and taking in the rewrite process.

Go for a Chance of Scenery

Sometimes, having the same old fights, discussions, arguments, and “make up” scenes in the same place can have a negative impact on the relationship. After a while it begins to feel like a repeat performance and a never-ending cycle.

It’s time to break the cycle and get out of the rut. Something as simple as a change of scenery can often do the trick. When things start getting out of hand or you feel like you’re beginning to lose a little of the spark and sizzle your relationship has always had before, then it’s time to plan a little trip out of town.

I know budgets are tight these days and every penny counts. The last thing you want to do is add money problems on top of other contentious issues so start a little “get away” fund that you both contribute a small amount of money to each and every week.

If you both put $10 into the jar every week, it won’t take long to have enough money for a weekend out of town. If you can hang on a little longer you should be able to manage …

Astral Projection – gurushanti

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Book Reviews

Review of The Magick of Crystals

Lillian Bradley’s latest book The Magick of Crystals is an exciting look into the world of crystals. The author takes the reader on a fascinating journey exploring the latent powers held within an ordinary quartz crystal. Unlike most books of its kind, the author gives the reader practical information that can be used right away.

Chapter one breaks down the concept of energy, and goes on in chapter three to provide the reader with practical information on how to use it. The reader learns how to control and manipulate energy for love, protection, and healing. The book also includes information on how to self attune to Divine Protection Reiki which was developed by the author.

The real meat of the book, for those that are interested in astral projection, begins in chapter nine. The reader learns the concepts of time travel in relation to the past, present, and future. The author provides practical information on how it done, and what to expect during explorations. According to author, time travel during astral projection can be used to view lottery numbers, visit family, friends, and discover all kinds of ancient truths. The author seems to have a knack for providing practical information; the exercises are surprisingly simple and quite good!

 Personally, I loved this book. It’s not a book written for scholars-just everyday folks that want to experience astral projection. The exercises actually worked well, and surprisingly quick. If you are interested in crystal or astral projection try this one. You will not regret it!…

Horseback riding hungary

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Future Archer

Mounted Archery = martial art tradition of Central European countries, eg Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany.

Now used in Hungary Arabian horses, males who have undergone special training (in fear) and have grown up on farms and stables, not the breed is called Sagyar is a fusion of Arabian horse native Hungarian horse traction (eg kryoaimou to cart or plow).

The Hungarians have a lot of tradition in this sport, as we Greeks have in football.

Great heroes of Hungarian history was Magyar, one of them was the notorious Attila the Hun, who came from a poor family of a small Hungarian district which oppressed by local rulers.

Attila was naturally very strong and trained in martial arts since childhood.
His brother, the youngest named Buddha who was a spiritual person and later became very qualities which is why the capital of Hungary called Pest-Buda.
Buddha by Buddha benefactor of the city who was inspired by San Stefano and Pest, which means work (Buddha also
It means home to home) The river Danube separates the two cities composing one of the most beautiful cities of Europe equally
In Paris, Budapest.

Principles of Archery

First lesson

The teacher explained us and we explained again what we taught was stressing how important what we say in order to understand the immaterial – mental side of archery, this side is called archery Zen.

We always ask our needs and was kind, generous and magnanimous us.

I remember after each lesson at the end of the day we were all tired we sat in a circle around a fire, a table and we would ask one one our experiences from the day = what we learned, how we felt inside us and outside us, we listened all creating an a circular discussion with a rule not only interrupt when it is our turn.

Lesson 2

Combining a) internal to the external side

The result c (a + b = c), these data are

1 rate
2 balance
Harmony 3
ie both internal and external parties, eg mind and body balance = = Rhythm and Harmony (body and spirit)

It is somewhat difficult to explain but some pretty balanced person might understand more easily.

Harmony includes 3 factors +

1) Mind = record, read, process information
The mind is a result and a link of body and spirit, but should not be used for information because as a group are more numerous than can be recorded.

The mind of an adult human can record continuously for 4 seconds only this is very important to first contact.
One more baby and less of an animal.

The first impression is the most important, is the basis for the development of discrimination.

The distinction is the result of successive duplications and training, the work we do everyday with our body and spirit and is essential for our development but rather for the development of harmony.

The craftsmanship is the key to the balance of which Heracles into …

A Bizarre Unexplained Mystery about Taiwan

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I have a question. Why do all the travel blogs and websites about Taiwan claim that it is very open, friendly and an easy to place make friends and get dates with amazing women?

In reality, Taiwan is a very closed and repressed workaholic culture where everything feels repressed and stiff. And if you are not repressed and inhibited, then you stick out like a sore thumb. Only old people and little kids are truly open and relaxed about talking to people. But the young women are the most UNFRIENDLY, CLOSED and UPTIGHT I’ve ever encountered in the whole world. There is like a thick wall or barrier around them. They don’t stop and talk to you when you say hi to them or greet them. They just act like you’re not even there. Even in snobby parts of Europe or the US, many young women will acknowledge you if you say “Excuse me”. But not in Taiwan. There is no eye contact. Nowhere else in the world (other than Japan and Hong Kong) are women so closed, cold and unsociable. Trying to meet them is the most unnatural thing. Furthermore, they live in a total state of fear. A vibe of fear emanates from their skin pores and rubs off on you if you are near them, which is an awful state of being. The HUGE DIFFERENCE between the old generation in Taiwan and the young in terms of their sociability and openness toward strangers is astounding. They are like night and day.

But of course, it is totally TABOO to talk about this and against the social rules. There is an unspoken social law that anywhere you go, you MUST either say that “everyone is so friendly and wonderful” (like the Travel Channel and politically correct Generation-Yers always do with their fake positivity act) or you say nothing at all. Or you can blame yourself. But you are NOT ALLOWED to say that people are closed, uptight or anti-social, no matter how TRUE or JUSTIFIED it may be. If you violate this, you will be seen as a loser and freak, hence no one dares to. What this means is that truth and honesty are a taboo, which is the sign of a sick society.

It’s bad enough that we are all slaves programmed to “think” we are free. But when we are not even allowed to tell the truth the way it is, that really takes the cake. However, most people prefer deceit to truth, according to many great thinkers, writers and intellectuals (e.g. Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Eric Fromm, Frederich Nietzsche, HL Mencken, RD Lang, Marcus Aurelius, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ayn Rand, etc.). Thus truth is not popular and honesty is rare. Instead, we all put up fake facades. What a sick world.

Furthermore, Taiwanese women act very conservative, prudish and “goody two shoes” and I get the sense that if I don’t put up a “goody two shoes” act around them, then I’m a creep …

Paris Airport Transfer – Some Facts for Travelers

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If you want an escape form the daily routine Paris is the most suitable place. Being the Capital of France, Paris is one of the most beautiful and elegant cities in the whole country. 247AirportTransfer recommends you to get there by plane. Is the quickest and safest way of traveling, also there are three main airports which serve the city. The busiest and the most important airport is the International Airport Charles de Gaulle followed by Orly Airport and Paris Airport-Le Bourget. No matter on which airport you are landing 247AirportTransfer guarantees you that you will have a pleasant and qualitative journey.

Paris is one of the oldest cities which has impressed the travellers by its well preserved buildings and monuments, the amazing culture and high qualitative wines. Also the city is known as one of the wealthiest areas, a center for the fashion events, being surrounded by wonderful landscapes and magical landmarks. Through history many important personalities have lived there and left their mark on the city such as Napoleon II, Moliere, Monet, Marquis the Sade, Edit Piaf, Rene Lacoste and many others.


Amongst all the well-known and most visited locations in Paris like: Eiffel Tour, Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, Centre Pompidou or Arc de Triumph, there are also other places less known but they will definitely enchant your view. 247AirportTrasnfer made a selection of some places that you may take into consideration when visiting Paris:

1. Montmartre: is a hill located at north from Paris with a high of 130 metres. This place is known for the Basilica of the Sacred Heart which has been built in the name of the victims of the Franco-Prussian war. The Square of Tertre placed near the basilica was the creative workshop of many well-known artists like: Claude Monet, Amedeo Modigliani, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso and also it’s hosting a museum with Salvatore Dali’s artwork.

2. Palace of Versailles: This castle is one of the most famous places in France. It was built in the seventeenth century and it was the home of many royalties. The huge building, terraces and gardens symbolise the supremacy and the military power of the French people.  If you visit this castle you will definitely get captivated by its exceptional architecture, furniture, decorations, and other defining elements of the Renaissance art.

3. Quartier Latin – Luxembourg Park: It is known for the lively atmosphere, night life and for the number of students this place hosts (it is the centre of many education institutions such as Ecole des Mines de Paris or Ecole Normale Superieure). The beautiful park is open to the visitors and it was created for Marie de Medici in 1612.

4. Disneyland Paris: Considered a heaven by the children and not only, the park is located at a distance of 32 km from central Paris and it has two themes: The Walt Disney Studios and the Disneyland castle. This place brings annually thousands of tourists.

5. Moulin Rouge: Built in …

By Land, By Sea, By Air: Prehistoric Migration Issues

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Author’s Note: The scenarios within are those of a timeframe from roughly 13,000 to 200,000 years before the present, and thus way before the era of agricultural settlements. We’re dealing with our nomadic hunter-gatherer ancestors here. Key dates are: African origin of modern humans, Homo sapiens, at about 200,000 years ago; an Out-of-Africa migration started roughly 70,000 years ago; our global colonization (except for Antarctica and Oceania) was completed by 13,000 years ago.

When it comes to humans, here defined as Homo something or other, not necessarily just Homo sapiens, colonizing the world from Ground Zero, that’s Africa, well several problems arise.

Humans (as in Homo sapiens) originated in Africa and some ultimately did, slowly, ever so slowly, migrate Out-of-Africa (not that they actually were aware of this), eventually spreading out and colonizing the world (apart from Antarctica and Oceania east of Australia and west of South America) by at least 13,000 years ago. Exactly how is not fully understood, least of all by me. The central, but not exclusive, issue I have is with respect to our ways and means of trading in being exclusively nomadic land-lubbers for acquiring sophisticated maritime abilities as well; abilities required if our global colonization scenario is to be believed.

Problem One: Boats Required but No Show-Boats Found

When it comes to human migrations, there are certain lands that have been colonized by both Homo sapiens and Homo erectus that involved crossing reasonably vast expanses of ocean – vast at least for those cultures that existed over 60,000 years ago, when, for example, Australia was colonized by what’s today known as the Australian Aborigine. Even earlier, Homo erectus island-hopped the numerous Indonesian islands as attested to by fossil evidence. In both cases, these ancient cultures had to have acquired rather extensive boat-making, sailing and navigation skills that would allow a large enough population to cross over the ocean waters, since even during Ice Age conditions, these Indonesian islands, and Australia, were still isolated by oceans.

Sailing the oceans blue: that’s a pretty big ask for primitive humans all those tens upon tens of thousands of years ago. But, there’s another way of crossing the ocean blue – we do it all the time today. We don’t sail, we fly. Perhaps our ancient ancestors were flown to Australia and the Indonesian isles! Since aerial technology is even more outlandish than maritime technology, well, perhaps the aerial technology belonged to advanced beings – ancient aliens or ancient astronauts. One other observation in favour – there are fossil finds of this or that hominid species at A, B & C. Alas, geographical points A, B, & C are separated by thousands upon thousands of miles. No fossils are found at any points in-between A & B, or B & C. An obvious explanation, they didn’t migrate between A & B and B & C at several tens of kilometres per generation; they were flown from A to B to C, thus explaining the …

World Venture For Entrepreneur Opportunities

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The World Venture is one of the entrepreneur opportunities offered on the internet as a network marketing business. If you are looking for a home based business, you might want to check to see if this is a opportunity for you.

World Venture was started and founded by Wayne Nuget and Mike Azcue in 2005. They wanted their  success to grow to be a billion dollar business in the travel industry world. Which the company has grown and developed very fast. If you are able to get in at the early stages of the business there is some serious money to be made here with the continuous success.

The fast growth and success of the company was established by the power of the internet and network marketing. This industry is a successful business, because who wouldn’t like to travel. This is a dream for many people to see the world or even just the country.

The compensation plan for World Venture and how this works is something that you will have to decide if this is a good fit for you and your life. Just to get started initially with the company is $99 as a representative. If you decide to enter into the Leisure Travel Consultant package and the Dream Trips package you will get a more reasonable rate of $49. The company offers a car bonus and home buyers bonus, but it will take a lot of work and time to receive these bonuses. It can be done, with persistence.

The products they have to offer is a Dream Trips package of $199, a Leisure Travel package for $350, or buy both packages together and pay a discount price of $350. In order to make money, you need to sell these packages. What it comes down to is you are selling memberships to travel. The membership gives you prices at wholesale and a representative package. In order to build your down line, it takes signing customers up with the company. In order to make money, you need to be signing people up for memberships as many as you can and as fast as you can. So finding out how to market is important.

As you build your down line the people at the top grow financially and the people at the bottom keep working until the can become a Regional Marketing Director. To get to the Regional position you need to have 3 or more people under you, and build 300 more people under each one of your 3. All together you are going to need 900 people to sign up in order to reach this position. Quite a long haul and a lot of hard work and time.

The World Venture is a good company and is very successful one. With entrepreneur opportunities offered you will do great if you know how to market yourself and get your name out there. That is why the internet is so great to have a business online, because you can …