True Measure of Wealth and Myth of Retirement

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Your wealth is not a measure of how much you have, but how much you are capable of generating in every moment. If you had won a million dollars in the lottery but are capable of generating zero dollars, you wealth is virtually zero. Wealth is what you have left when all your money has been taken from you. That is why people who are truly wealthy never become poor even after they have lost all their money. They are able to create money on demand. The secret of wealth is creation and not possession.

A poor person who is incapable of generating income, but happens to win a million dollars, is still a poor person with a million dollars. A rich person who is capable of generating lots of money, but happens to lose all his money, is still a rich person with no money. Money does not make you rich. It is the power to obtain wealth that makes you rich. A million dollars in the hands of someone without power to create wealth, will soon become nothing. In the hands of someone with power, it never runs out.

Money is an illusion because it is not a thing in itself. Money is a representation of something else. It is an external symbol that manifest from the inner world of creativity and intention. The manifestation is complete with some form of action involved. It is only an illusion when there is a lot of money or there is no money. A person capable of generating zero dollars may possess the illusion of a million dollars, while a person capable of generating a million dollars may possess the illusion of money being run out.

When you are capable of creating money, the supply is inexhaustible. Whatever wealth that is manifested is temporary and will soon be used finish or shrink with inflation until it is next to nothing. It is only the act of recreation that sustains the presence of a particular thing in the visible world. Whatever you hold in your hand is subjected to death and decay. Old things become obsolete and it is only through constant renewal that enables anything to live on continually. Whatever stops creating, ceases to live.

It is a lunacy of people of the world to make lots of money to last them the rest of their lives, so that they can retire and never have to work to make any more money. Why retire when you should enjoy making money or enjoy doing fulfilling work that makes you money? Doing something in order to stop doing it implies that the very thing you are doing is not enjoyable. Isn’t it such a meaningless way to live life? The reason why this is so, is because many people do not even know how to live their lives correctly.

The idea of retirement is a joke. The moment you retire, you stop contributing and generating. It doesn’t matter how rich you seem to …

Riding for Adults: Why Should You Learn Horseback Riding? Part I

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For the fulfillment of childhood dreams;

Developing societies put a bar of activities that one must accomplish as one ages. Most people are just satisfied as being conformists, if you don’t start achieving what is expected you might be considered as strange or peculiar; however these expectations may differ in different societies.

If we step astray from conformation somehow the disapproving looks start appearing. But, to achieve the life you want too much conformity impedes it. Don’t be afraid to let your own uniqueness become the path of your dreams.

Flashes of inspiration can come from any aspect of our lives. In an instant you may find the feeling of being uplifted by something that triggers passion within you, it can be a song from a radio, from a line you were reading in a book, or a picture. It can be anything. Somehow they transform into seeds that ignites a specific dream in your heart.

Dreams are uniquely shaped because everyone lives in different circumstances. The blessings you shall reap out of pursuing those dreams can bring a different sense of joy and fulfillment that only you can experience. Our emotions are a wonderful guide as to where our thinking is focused, which helps shape these dreams. If your focus is on what you don’t want you’re probably not going to feel good. But if your focus is on what you do want then you might start feeling great.

Probably when you were still a little younger, you thought yourself leading a different kind of life. But as some things started to be expected out of you, you chose a different path instead of the one you dreamt of. As we learn to control our instinctual life by intellection, we more and more renounce as unprofitable the formation of intense wishes as are natural to childhood.

When you were younger you might have gotten entranced by movies such as Black Beauty, Flicka, or Seabiscuit, seeing there beauty and majestic elegance made you wish you had a beautiful horse yourself that you can be friends with and just have a wonderful time together. Maybe because of responsibilities and duties, you begun setting aside that childish yearn.

In order for inspiration from the dreams of our hearts to take hold again and grow into joyous mature dreams, you must have faith and stop thinking negatively that they can’t be achieved just because time has caught hold of you. As sparks of a dream begin to crystallize into reality once more, it attracts other forces which can help it materialize, as what the Law of Attraction states. It’s never too late to accomplish a dream, it never had an age limit!

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Langston Hughes

A different and interesting way to exercise;

Parks and green spaces make an important contribution to physical health by providing places for walking, for playing, for sports, and for the welfare of good …

Dance to reap health benefits

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Dancing is great fun but it can also be an excellent way to improve your physical health. Regular dancing can improve your overall quality of life and can ward off a number of common diseases. Dance also brings in the ability for self-expression and a great element of recreation. Here are few more benefits of dancing:

Get you in fitness track

Exercises can get boring, equally workout at gym too gets hectic. You really need big motivation when it comes to doing and continuing physical activities on a regular basis. With dancing, moving your body becomes fun and interesting which makes you continue it on a daily basis without getting wary about it.

Increases your overall fitness level

Like exercises, dancing too offers a lot of health benefits such as – increasing stamina, improving body flexibility, toning the body and helps improve digestion. Another key benefits of dancing are – it improves mental alertness and body balance.

Enhances your emotional health

Dancing does more than improving your health, it does great things to your mood. You feel more happy and positive about life when you start dancing. You can instantly feel, the impact of dancing on your mood making it mostly positive. Dancing helps people struggling with depression to come out of it, as it regulate dopamine and serotonin level in the body. You can also feel positive about yourself and have better self-confidence.

Calorie burner and body toner

Weight management and getting in shape is so much easier with dancing. With each dance move you make, you are going to lose some amount of calories. You tend to lose more calories, when you dance vigorously. Dancing even for 30 minutes is enough to make you stay healthy and in great shape.

Increases flexibility

If you are trying to improve your flexibility you must learn dancing. Don’t get discouraged in the initial stage, if you are not able to groove in well. With practice, your body will become more flexible and help you get the right moves easily. Remember, the more flexible your body becomes, the healthier and younger you will feel.

Make you look younger

One of the greatest benefits of dancing is, it makes you look younger than your age. Think of the privilege of staying younger, feel fit and healthy even when you are actually older. Dancing moves your body in a number of ways and keep you in a joyful mood and that is probably one of the reasons why dancers look much younger than their real age.

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Endangered World Citizenship ?

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Retired Professor of Genetics , Barkatullah University,
24, kaushalnagar, Via Misrod, Bhopal (MP)
( Res: Phone: 91-755-2417156 )

We the world citizens are breathing in a very much insecure society with the increasing dimensions of newer techniques of creating nuisance, terror and ever increasing distrust among citizens world over. Bombs in the bus, train, cinema theatre, open market areas, aero planes and also lying on the garbage tins are only few exhibits of a few peoples’ hatred towards the progressive nations; innocent lives are becoming items of rampage. These inhuman acts are the outcome of free breeding corruption of excessively selfish, narrowly greedy and anti social persons widely distributed throughout the globe. Our irresponsible political leadership has fathered and faithfully nurtured these values for quite sometime, well above four decades. Even In India, we are now only preachers of peace but have always supported criminals and masked their inhuman acts as part and parcel of democracy. We were theoretically known as symbols of tolerance but as a national character now, we display complaints and dissatisfaction on every issue; we are said to believe in “forget and forgive”, but our instinct of taking revenge never calms down. This dualism of Indian practices has been most vividly viable for more than Fifty years; though said to be prevalent in all periods of human civilization. And this dualism or even pluralism of split personalities is rampant world over among all politicians, everywhere thus a common man is becoming an easy victim. This is principally on account of ever increasing economy at any and every cost and this global feature is the motive dogma of modern progress. To be honest in approach, economic progress is friendly to ethical values only in the beginning but soon becomes a bookish conjecture.

The new format of the society is non palatable to millions of simple, honest and humble citizens who believe in brotherhood, love to all human beings and duty as the foremost human religion: those who believe in second religion is an option of thoughts and way of life !!. I have counted heart beats of such people spread world over by way of personal talk, involving and sharing mutual respect.

Exhibition of hatred in the form of terrorism is the latest edition of quelling human values, feelings and ambitions of being a human being. Variable techniques of generating terror are continuously questioning our technological progress dependent-perversions. And the bitter truth is that we can never achieve perfect, clean and honest society. Not because such a society never existed anywhere but because, biologically, this is improbable, impossible and definitely imaginative. Perverts are always born, socially transformed /made, nurtured, and have always been “domesticated” by power.
I intend to enlighten on all these points on the basis of my own studies accumulated as by products of my principal focus in areas of Genetics, focusing principally on reproduction, survival strategies and adaptive behavior in plants and animals including humans …

Birth Natal Chart For The Zodiac Sign Taurus

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Ascendant Sagittarius (I Understand) The Healer Ruled By Jupiter Archangel Raguel (Divine Order) is associated with this Ascendant. Raguel holds the scales of Balance (Libra (Twin Flame)).

The Ascendant highlights your Personality. Your Sun Sign is Taurus with a personality of A Taurus.

Your Moon Sign is Gemini (I Think). The Moon is connected to Archangel Gabriel. The Moon rules Cancer which is the family sign. Gemini is ruled by Planet Mercury which also rules Virgo. Your Moon sign informs us that you would have Intuitive, Mystic (Moon) Communication (Mercury) of a multi-tasking (Gemini) kind. Virgo is an analytical worker who often uses critiques to cause motivation.

Your Moon Sign is Gemini (I Think). The Moon is connected to Archangel Gabriel. The Moon rules Cancer which is the family sign. Gemini is ruled by Planet Mercury which also rules Virgo. Your Moon sign informs us that you would have Intuitive, Mystic (Moon) Communication (Mercury) of a multi-tasking (Gemini) kind. Virgo is an analytical worker who often uses critiques to cause motivation.

Your Sun Sign is Taurus (I Have). Taurus the determined worker. Tauruses are focused and can some times be stubborn. Archangel Chamuel (A Taurus) is associated with Taurus. Chamuel is the Restorer of Love and a Helper to Soul Mate (Twin Flame) Relationships.

Your Mid Heaven (MC) or 10th House Sign Is Virgo. Your Tenth House Concerns Your Career and how people view you publicly. Virgos are good workers and analytical thinkers. Sometimes Virgos critique which be view as critical. Health is associated with Virgo. Your career or how the public views you might be equated to the ways of Virgo.

The Universe Appears to have been birthing you into a Communicator, Multitasker (Gemini Mercury), Analyzer, Worker (Virgo) & Healer (Sagattarius & Virgo (Health)).

First House (Ascendant) Sagittarius The Healer (I Understand) –The First House Focuses On Self (You) The Universe placed Saturn the Rule Maker (Such as Employer) in Your House. Saturn would attempt to “Regulate” your Healer Personality. You would have to deal with a “Ruler Maker” type of situation in your life time. The Good News is that Saturn rules Capricorn and thus you would still be a good worker. Both Capricorn and Virgo (Ruled By Mercury) are Good Workers. The Universe also placed Uranus into your First House of Self. Uranus is a Free Spirit, “Revolutionary”, Rebel. Uranus rules Aquarius. Aquarius Is An Enlightened Energy that Enlightens the World (or Community) Around Them. Sagittarius & Aquarius are quite similar just at Virgo and Capricorn are somewhat similar.  Planet Uranus would help you to stand strong against Saturn the Rule Maker. The Pharisees gave Law whereas Jesus gave Spirit (Freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17; John 3:1-16; Galatians 5:21-26).

The Asteroid Juno is also in your first house of Self with the Ascendant of Sagittarius. Juno describes the type of person you would like to be in a relationship with. Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a Healer? Who wouldn’t want to be pampered?

Archangel …

Dental Services with Precision at Specialized Clinics

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Maintaining dental hygiene is very important. With the current diet and lifestyle, it becomes difficult to keep the aesthetics of the teeth in good condition. Whether you have teeth troubles or not, you need to visit the dentist at least twice a year. This will keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Dentists can be specialized in varied aspects. If your dentist does not have the infrastructure of major procedures, you will be requested to consult a specialist dentist. This might cause unnecessary hassles of driving to two different dentists for follow up visits. Therefore, it is beneficial to visit a comprehensive dental clinic. By doing so, you will get the advantage of getting all the required consultation under a single roof.

Such dental clinics are perfect for complex procedures of Cosmetic Dentistry. You will have all the required experts check on you to get a perfect result. Only an accurate dental procedure can bring forth a gorgeous smile. The accuracy of the procedures depends on the expertise and experience of the dentists. Generally, the dentists on board in a premium dental clinic are highly experienced. You can be rest assured about the quality of services they provide. They will conduct a thorough analysis and provide the required treatments to solve your dental issues.

Many children and even few adults face the problem crooked or wrongly shaped set of teeth. After conducting few dental procedures, Dental Bridges are recommended for such people. Such procedures may take a few appointments to get to perfection. Best Dental Services help in getting the desired results in the best way possible. If you are having children, you will be familiar with the chaos that goes on for a trip to the dentists. Children fear the dental procedures and hence hate a trip to the dentist. Specialized clinics have sections dedicated to the dental problems of children. Few of these sections even include a recreation space for children to divert their mind from fear of the visit. If your teenager requires braces or Orthodontics, the kid might try to avoid the procedure as it might cause embarrassment at school. With modern techniques used in clinics, latest invisible braces can be used to straighten the teeth to perfection.

Extreme procedures like dental implants include strenuous procedures through different surgeries. Timing of different stages is important in these cases. Dental implants are performed on people that have decayed teeth or have lost their teeth due to natural or accidental circumstances. Dental implants are even used to provide support for further dental prostheses. Cosmetic dentistry has gained immense popularity. Its procedures are common among glamour oriented professions. The extent of cosmetic dentistry procedures that a person requires depends on the degree of the damage. The procedures can include tooth bleaching and dental bonding. Dental bonding refers to application of enamel to the teeth to provide a perfect shape. This also gives a glossy effect to the teeth. All this is possible only with the help of expert dental clinics.…

Health Problems Related to Office Work

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Occupational diseases are a real challenge in any profession. One does not need to have a dangerous blue-collar job to get a whole bunch of occupational diseases; it’s enough just to become an office worker. It’s true that all the hours spent sitting at a worktable have their effect on the health. There has been already formed a list of ailments that can develop over the years of sedentary work. Let’s sort out what the most common ailments affecting the ability of white-collars to work are.

Dry eye syndrome

It’s quite common among office workers. Long hours spent at the computer, especially when reading carefully and attentively, cause excessive opening of the eye fissure and it is not closed for a long time. Due to that, the stability of the tear film protecting the eye is disturbed and that provokes the feeling of eye fatigue, burning and sand in the eyes. In order to avoid such problems it’s recommended to have 10 minutes per hour for the eyes to rest from the monitor. Also it’s beneficial to drink more water and blink more often.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

When working with a computer mouse, the hand is twisted unnaturally. If you are using your mouse for long hours and do not have any breaks, then you may likely feel pain and swelling of the hand as well as numbness and loss of sensation in the fingers of this hand. These symptoms indicate a circulatory disturbance or pinched nerve. One study has shown that every 6th office worker suffers from this condition. To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome doctors recommend having a mouse that suits best the anatomy of your hand as well as placing hands in a correct position when using computer and taking regular breaks to do some hand exercises.

Problems with the nervous system

Emotional exhaustion and burnout, chronic fatigue and irritability are the most common consequences of overloading the nervous system in office workers. Intense working rhythm, the need for making decisions on the run, lack of sleep, stress, unhealthy psychological climate at work, lack of recreation and overtime work lead to sleep disturbances, apathy and depression.

Degenerative disc disease

It’s one of the most common conditions in office workers. It’s the sedentary position lasting for hours that has the most negative effect on the spine. It causes dystrophic processes in the intervertebral discs; these discs lose their natural elasticity, become flat and the vertebrae start pinching nerve endings, hence the pains in the neck and in the small of the back. To prevent these symptoms you should change your sitting position as often as possible (at least once every 30 minutes). Short breaks to do some exercises for the neck and back will do you good as well.

Varicose veins

Sedentary lifestyle and improper position of the legs (e.g., sitting with your legs crossed) lead to varicose veins. Stagnation of blood in the veins of the legs leads to the pains in the calf muscles, spasms and swelling …