Great Wall International Music Academy Concert Series – A Treat for Lovers of Classical Music

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The Great Wall International Music Academy is a summer project that was inaugurated in 2005, initiated by the Starling Project Foundation of the USA. The whole idea behind this programme was to train young talent, to bring together the future of the classical music industry, and also to promote cultural exchange in music. During the month the selected youth from around the world are provided with the best training and they are also provided with an opportunity to show their talent through a series of concerts which is known as the Great Wall International Music Academy Concert Series.

The candidates, during the Academy month, are provided with exclusive accommodation as well as lessons. The lessons come in various ways, and include, master classes, private lessons, and also chamber music coaching provided by world famous faculty members chosen from the best conservatories around the world. The combination of extraordinary talent and the best of training naturally results in exceptional artists blossoming in the classical music industry.

However, the best part is the opportunities afforded to the classical music appreciating public through the series of concerts where they get to experience the burgeoning talent of the industry. Students are given various opportunities to take part in this event, especially through a series of high profile concerts, where the thousands of audiences from around the world get to enjoy performances of students as well as maestros. Most often these concerts are held at the Beijing Concert Hall and generally each year there are three public shows held at this venue showcasing the talent of the Great Wall International Music Academy.

Being a popular and much sought after destination, Beijing offers various other attractions and events to visitors that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. For those seeking accommodation options, there is a range to choose from, and an apartment or hotel in Beijing can easily be booked through online lodging option providers. Most prefer a Beijing hotelwith modern amenities and with easy access to the best attractions in town. For one of the best locations with exceptional service and facilities try Raffles Beijing Hotel.…

Encounter With The Paranormal Entities

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It is quite late in the night while I am writing the second part of this article series.

This incident took place near Alwar. Alwar is a district which lies on NH-8 from Jaipur to Delhi. You have to take a side road towards Sariska en-route to Alwar.  This route is famous for notorious activities of ghostly entities. This was not known to me.

I actually belong to Rajgarh which is a small town of Alwar district. My great grandfather was the “Riyasatdar” of Rajgarh.  He was the chief of the land of ‘Rajagarh’ and was responsible for revenue extraction from the area. He was married four times with every wife alive and living with him. It was the will of the God that he has only two sons. They             were born to the last wife and one of them Thakur.Kishan singh ji Baraith was my grandfather.

My grandfather was a devotee to God and never liked the idea of ‘Lagan’ or revenue as it was unlawful. So he left my Great Grandfather Thakur. Ratan  Singh ji at a very tender age. I am telling you all this because my whole narration is related to this.

My grandfather then came to Alwar. The king of Alwar Shri.Sawai Singh Ji knew my grandfather and was aware of his lineage. So he offered him the job of “Ziladar” in irrigation department. He also gave him a big fort to live. This “Haveli’ belonged to brother- in -law of Alwar “his highness”. This fort or palace was believed to be haunted and people nearby even warned my Grandfather about it.

My grandfather was a staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman, (An Indian deity related to power and Chastity}. He was never afraid of anything and decided to live in the same palace. My father and uncles were born in that palace and I wanted to see it. I have never seen it before. I was informed by my uncles that most of it had ruined. But contrary to the belief of my father and uncles, it did not dampen my hopes. I wanted to photograph everything and wanted to keep it as a memory. So Alwar visit was a visit to my ancient Lineage.

I was accompanied by my cousin brother Rajeev, and his wife. My wife was also with us. We have to leave Jaipur at about 5:00 am in the morning. When I woke up, I felt a sudden change of mind. I was bit perturbed without any reasons.  I was not sure that whether I should go or not. I woke up my wife to take a second opinion. According to her I should have informed my cousin about the sudden shift of my plans.

I called my cousin who was still asleep. He told me that he is ready to go and will soon come to my house. However, there was a strong feeling that I should not go which I resisted.

I did not take my son with me …

Medical Tourism in Thailand – Prasan

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1. Medical Tourism in Thailand

Health travel, once a luxury of only the rich, can now be enjoyed by virtually all. In the days of yesteryear, hardly anyone even pondered the possibilities of going abroad to a distant foreign land to have treatment. But now, with the advent of the world becoming the one and only global village, millions are crossing international datelines in hope of achieving a ‘better new life’.

One of those countries which have sprung to life as a destination for medical treatment is the south-east Asian country of Thailand. Unlike most Western countries, the cost of private medical treatment is cost-effective where hospitals do not charge a bomb. Contrary to popular belief, the standards in Thailand are of an extremely high international standard where many of the health workers have graduated in developed Western countries. Looking at it straight on, the reality is – Thailand can offer the patient the same kind of treatment as back home while enabling him or her to enjoy the holiday of a life time. The uptrend of medical tourism in Thailand is escalating to meteoric heights.


Thailand’s first hospital was founded during the reign of King Chulalongkorn and the Medical Association of Thailand was established in 1921.

Prince Mahidol, the father of the present king Bhumibol, has much to do with developing medical schools in Thailand and goes down in Thai history as ‘The Father of Modern Thai medicine’. Prince Mahidol realized the importance of bringing Western standard medical practice to Siam and so helped fund many of Thailand’s doctors and nurses to go abroad to further their studies at institutes such as Harvard and MIT in the United States. And it was those health workers who planted and later sowed the seeds of a world-class medical network in Thailand.

Latest Situation

Westerners are currently arriving in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, in exhilarating numbers to undergo medical treatments at a fraction of the cost as that charged in their home countries.

On top of having treatments conducted by highly trained and skilled doctors, patients can also enjoy a marvelous holiday in one of Asia’s prime tourist destinations. Many of the country’s hospitals are now globally renowned for their expertise. They include Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok General Hospital, Samitivej Hospital and Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital.

Figures and Statistics

Thailand as a destination for medical treatment has rocketed in recent years and they have the statistics to prove it. Take just one country like the United Arab Emirates for example – over 60,000 of their citizens a year come to Thailand to enjoy treatment. Two of the Thailand’s top hospitals Bumrungrad and Samitivej treat patients of whom 40% are foreign – this kind of high percentage is quite phenomenal.

According to the Kasikorn Research Centre, 2005 alone attracted an unprecedented 1.28 million foreign medical travelers which generated revenue of 33 billion baht. That means therefore, that on average each patient spent 25,800 baht for their treatments. It was revealed in …

Khaana Gaana – Enjoy the taste of Food and Music

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Khaana Gaana is a musical journey that entertains you while your starvation explores the right flavours from all across the nation.

The show is hostaed by famous playback singer Ravindra Upadhyay, who has sung some really awesome numbers in several Bollywood movies including Talaash. The anchor is a professional singer but loves to explore the food as he is a big time foodie and has the good knowledge about taste.

The food special show Khaana Gaana is an amalgamation of Food and Musical heritage of a particular city. Team News Nation visits various states, goes to various places and brings out the best taste for the foodies. Be it a street food, or some lavish cuisine of a 5-star hotel – Ravindra enjoys every bit of it!

The programme helps you find out what state or city specialises in what food. So, the next time you pack your bags for a holiday, you know where to go and what to eat.

Ravindra Upadhyay and team News Nation show how many flavours of both music and food are available in our country which may tickle you.

While travelling to various parts of the country he discovered the popular food and music connection. While exploring Delhi, he indulged in authentic butter chicken and also showed the home where legendary singer Mukesh was born.

Team Khaana Gaana has visited Gujarat where they told their viewers about Gujarati Thali, Kadhi-Khichdi. It then visited Kolhapur in Maharashtra in search of Kolhapuri Misal and Tambda Rassa. It also visited Goa in search of famous foods like Goan fish curry and Vegetarian Xacuti.

Singer Ravindra Upadhyay took the viewers to Amritsar for a fun-filled, musical and tasty journey to the city of Punjab. Team Khaana Gaana also visited the beautiful state Jammu and Kashmir to check out the famous foods.

Singer Ravindra Upadhyay in Madhya Pradesh searched for Bhopal’s famous foods like Rogan Josh and Shahi Paneer.

In Kolkata, he tasted famous dishes like Mochar Ghonto, Elish Maach and Roshogulla, talked about legendry music director RD Burman and visited his home in Kolkata. Similarly, the team visited several other states in the country.

This is the only show which brings forth the connection between food and music, which is in itself, is a unique concept.

In an outdoor shoot, when the first ray of sun finds its place, team khaana Gaana starts shooting for the day and ends up at night with some mouth-watering delicacies.

Whether it is a rainy morning or even a steamy hot afternoon or chilled shivering nights, team Khaana Gaana always solves the purpose of the show.…

Demarcation of central business district of an indian city: a case study of Sloapur city

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Urban geography is an important branch of geography. Where interactions within the city limits have been studied by number of geographers. The core area of a city is a special character of any urban centre. On the basis of this, the concept of “Central Business District” has been developed in western countries. An attempt has been made to apply this concept of Central Business District (CBD) to Solapur city in Maharashtra, India. The necessary data was collected was collected from town and planning office of SMC (Solapur Municipal Corporation)as well as field work analyzed using statistical methods.Considering the land values in various municipal wards of Solapur city, Central business district has been demarcated. The collected information, It was found that the highest land value areas are being used for commercial purposes as well residential purpose. Also there are some slums in this zone. The government offices are slightly away from the core area, but still enjoy high land value due to transport facilities.There is a dispersion of shopping centers in the newly developed residential areas, e.g. Jule Solapur. The newly absorbed villages   in the municipal areas have very low land value because of lack of facilities e.g. Bale and Degaon.

Keywords: Land value, specialized market, Residential area-Non residential area, core area.


Urban Geography is an important branch of Geography. The study of interaction within the city limit has been studied by number of geographers. The core area of the city has special character on the basis of this; the concept of Central Business District has been developed in western countries.It is very interesting to study the characters of Central Business District of any city. An attempt has been made to apply the concept of Central Business District to Solapur city, an important city in Maharashtra, India.


Solapur City is one of the important cities in western Maharashtra. The latitudinal extent of the city is 17?40′ north and the longitudinal extent is 75?46′ east. It is situated in the Bhima River of the Deccan Plateau. The present area of the city is 179 Solapur is situated 550 meters above the mean sea level. River Sina, which is a tributary of Bhima River, flows near southwestern part, of Solapur City. Black cotton ‘Regur’ soil is present in this region. The thickness of the soil decreases as ones moves away from the main river. The climate of the city is dry throughout the year, due to its inland location.

The total Population of Solapur city as enumerated by the census of India (1991) is 620846. Present population according to the Solapur Municipal Corporation 948000.  shows decadal variation of population of Solapur during the last century. The decade 1901-1911 registered negative Growth rate of Population that is 18.52 p.c it was because of several epidemics recorded during the decade throughout the India. Further there is a constant increase in population. In …

How to calculate a retail store true shrinkage level

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I was invited to consult a retailer in the Far East recently. Prior to my visit, I had already provided retail loss prevention training to executives from this company. During our training session, when I asked them their shrinkage figure, I was told a figure that was way below the 2010 Retail Global Barometer Report of 1.36. For me this came as a surprise. How can a company from the other side of the world be doing better than the likes of Walt-Mart and Tesco; two of the most profitable retailers in the world?

Now, you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to this company. On one hand I was glad that I had the opportunity to learn from this company with a spectacular shrinkage record but I was also apprehensive. What help could I give to a company that had a shrinkage level blow the best retailers in the world.

I arrived that morning, headed for my hotel and did not even have time to sleep just swallowed a loaf of bread and I was whisked away to the first store. As I was shown around the first store, I was impressed with the level of organisation in the store. Goods were well displayed and neatly stacked and the store was surprisingly cleaner than I expected for that part of the world.

I asked the store manager what he thought his shrinkage issues were, he gave me a laundry list of symptoms instead of root causes. This was not a surprise; it is always the case with many retailers that they focus on the symptoms of their shrinkage problem instead of the root causes.

He spoke about the hottest spot and hottest products in his store as we walked along. We completed the store tour and went into the back room, that too appeared surprisingly better organised than I expected. Then I requested that we went to the perishable department. I was informed that they had no perishable shrinkage. Why is that so? I enquired.  “All of our products are bought fresh” I was told. It sounded a plausible explanation to me at that instant. I thanked the manager for his time and we left. In the next store we went through similar process and I took note as I walked along. In this store I was also told that they had no perishable shrinkage.

I began to get a bit concerned but I kept my concerns to myself. When we completed the tour for the day, and we sat to have our lunch, puzzled by the idea of a supermarket not having perishable shrinkage, I asked one of the managers to explain to me this deal of not having perishable  shrinkage. Fortunately for me he was British and a formerTesco employee. He explained to me that they used a different method of perishable shrinkage calculation which made it look as if there was no perishable shrinkage.

Perishable accounts for about 8% of a supermarket’s shrinkage. Therefore, …

Kissimmee Florida Hotels Near Disney World

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Florida is a year round well-loved vacation destination in the US, Aside from its long stretch of beaches; Florida has theme parks nestled in its Orlando-Kissimmee region. Hence, there are a lot of hotels near Disney World you can choose from.

Kissimmee Florida is a well loved tourist destination in the US. It is not just popular because of Florida’s stretch of fascinating beaches; it also has a lot of theme parks and natural landscapes to boast of. Popular attractions in Florida include Disney World, EPCOT, Sea World and Universal Studios among others.

When planning on a trip to either Orlando or Kissimmee in Florida, it is best to prepare months in advance and to make the necessary arrangements in the hotel. This is because hotels get fully booked during holiday seasons. Here are some of the finest hotels in Kissimmee Florida that are near the famous Disney World Theme Park:

Vacation Village at Parkway

Known as Oprah favorite resort-hotel, Vacation Village at Parkway is located at 2949 Arabian Nights Boulevard Kissimmee, Florida. Aside from a Disney ticketing booth, this is just a few minutes away from Disney World. The hotel offers handicap facilities, free parking and a 24hr frond desk.

Each room at this hotel is equipped with AM/FM alarm clocks, coffee makers, sofa sleepers, air conditioners and kitchenettes among others. Some rooms even have Jacuzzi tubs along with very large TVs, and furnishings. The hotel also has a pool, shuttle services to the major theme parks, restaurants, business center and exercise facilities as well as Wi-Fi, in-room washer and dryers.

Other facilities and amenities include a full-sized fridge, large bathroom, cleaning services, free local calls, hair dryers and safe deposit boxes; plus Cable TVs and parking areas.

Wyndham Palms Resort and Country Club

This hotel is situated at 7900 Mystic Dunes Lane Kissimmee, Florida. It is located with more than 600 acres of amazing tropical Florida landscapes. The hotels features a game room, shuttle services to the airport and area attractions as well as bath amenities, banquet facilities, bike rentals, concierge services and Color TVs with VCRs. They also guarantee meeting facilities, parking areas, daily newspaper, express check-out and a fitness facility along with full kitchens, dining areas, whirlpools and game rooms among others.

Onsite restaurants include Clubhouse Bar & Grille, The Caddyshack Bar & Grille and Pizza Hut Express. This is the ideal place for social events, gatherings and wedding celebrations.

Best Western Lakeside

This hotel is situated at 7769 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway Kissimmee, Florida. It is just outside Walt Disney World, featuring Mediterranean-styled settings. Set up with 15 2-storey buildings along with 24 tropically landscaped areas, Best Western is really the ideal destination for those who want a taste of the real action in Kissimmee, Florida.

This very spacious landscaped hotel assures its guests with a relaxing stay. Aside from Walt Disney World, it is also near various other well-loved theme parks like Universal Studios and Sea World. For those who want to experience …

The Simple Guide to Become a Holiday Representative

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Nowadays, many people are mull over to do something dissimilar and courageous, as to be a Holiday Representative. Over the years this type of job has become progressively more popular as more and more tourists go on more and more holidays every year.

A holiday representative is person who takes care of all types of tourists. To become a holiday representative you need to be a people’s person who is self-assured with dealing with people from all walks of life.

Following are simple guide for to become a holiday representative:

Airport duties: These consist of collecting tourists at the airport and shift them to their housing or hotels and the reverse where tourists are returned to the airport in preparation for their flight home.

Communicate with tourists and staff to help in the public dealings between them and the company. This is completed at welcome meetings and throughout visits to the accommodation. It is the representative’s duty to handle any grievance and deal with any difficulties that occur.

Sell tour and other allied products such as car hire, sun cream, phone cards etc.

Organize and take part in different activities for the tourists. This can be anything from being mixed up in this kind of activities shows to taking guests on pub/club creep.

It is the responsibility to complete all the office duties. It is here that the representative genus gathers and to look after their paperwork, attends resort meetings and hoist any relevant issues or troubles.

To be a holiday representative has advantages and disadvantages too;

Advantages are –

To working in a warm climate

Opportunity to live in a foreign country

Work with tourists from different countries

Disadvantages are –

Longer stay in hotel [approximately more than 8 months] with no chances to return home (exceptional situation are considered),

Longer working hours

Work on weekends and public holidays

No personal holidays.

The following is a guide to become a Holiday Representative.

[1] Age –

This can usually start from 18 and for specific positions it can be 21 years and has no exact maximum.

[2] Education –

Education average to O’ Level or corresponding.

Higher Education certificate in holiday and Tourism is beneficial.

Academic certificates are obligatory for appearance at the interview.

Clear enunciation is important.

[3] Work Experience –

Employment in straight contact with the common people and sales experience is needed. So, if you have yet worked in a store, cafe, tour agency, this is the kind of occurrence that the holiday companies are glancing for. It is also helpful if you have knobbed money in any of these jobs. It is optional that you have at least 12 months experience in any of these fields.

[4] Training –

Individual tour worker gives their own training which on average takes 2-3 weeks. Courses differ in content but cover all characteristics duties of holiday representative. Subsequent to the training there is usually a period of on-the-job appraisal under the management of knowledgeable holiday representatives. Personal Qualities.

These …

Costa Sur Hotel at Cuba’s Trinidad

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Recently, an international familiarization group related to the tourism sector and organized by the Cuban-Spanish Cubanacán travel agency arrived at the ancient Trinidad villa, in the Cuban central-south region where interesting details related to history, culture and leisure emerged, such as the reopening of a new hotel, the Costa Sur.
Tour operators, travel agents and specialized journalists visited varied sites such as the Pio Cua Restaurant in the Ciénaga de Zapata, and other interesting spots such as the Iberostar Trinidad hotel, as well as Brisas Trinidad, Ancón, Las Cuevas and the amusement centre Má Dolores, in addition to a city tour.
Nevertheless, the core of the visit dealt with the reopening of the Costasur Hotel, the fundamental aim of the trip.
The appealing Cuban hotel Club Amigo Costasur reopened to meet the increasing needs in relation to European tourists.
This facility counts currently with 132 rooms and it is located 300 kilometers to the east of the capital, in the south-central area.
Precisely, it is located in the city of Trinidad, in the province of Sancti Spíritus, famous due to the preservation of the colonial architecture and founded by Spanish colonizers on the 30th of November, 1514.
The Costasur reopened officially on the 30th of November, 2007, in the villa declared World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO).
Nevertheless, it restarted operations on last November 6th fully booked, at 100 percent, with European travelers mainly.
Among the new offers of this lodging, it is worth to highlight the buffet of the La Santísima Trinidad restaurant, made after the ship of the same name built in 1769 at the Cuban docks.
The hotel was inaugurated the 25th of July, 1975; and in 2001 gained popularity among the Canadian travelers, and after a hurricane it was completely renewed.
Cuba counts on more than 40 thousand rooms in around 200 hotels spread all over the country and it promotes the strategy of a sustainable and maintainable tourism.
Operations of this nation’s tourist group Cubanacán grow in order to celebrate the 20 years of its creation, stated the management.
Cuba receives more than two million travelers from all over the world each year, and they claim for more destinations related to nature, history and culture.
Nevertheless, the Cuban authorities anticipated on December 5, 2007, more recent data, an increase of 7,5 percent for this Island’s tourist industry during the winter season.
A report of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), received by the tour operators that visited the Costa Sur, shows that they expect only for that “high tourist season” period, on December 2007 to April 2008, to receive 1,3 million foreign travelers.
That is why, with all this data in their hands and the marvels they found in Trinidad, they realized that Cuba features many sites worth to be visited.
Precisely, Hotel Costasur is located in a site that it is ideal to enjoy the marine view, as well as hiring diverse seafaris. …