Benefits of a Career in Sales

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If becoming financial independence is what you have been striving for, there are 3 ways by which you are able to accumulate that wealth:

(1) Starting a business,

(2) Investing in Stocks or properties and

(3) Having a career in sales.

Starting a business requires a large sum of initial capital, and is considered high risk in nature.Accordingly to a statistical research from Entrepreneur Weekly done in July 2013, 1 in 4 businesses failed within the first year of starting up, and 50% of businesses in all industry failed within the first 4 years. A business owner needed an entrepreneur spirit and strong determination to pull through in times of difficulties in order to succeed. Similarly, investment requires a large capital to have significant returns.

The third viable option would be to have a career in sales. Below are some of the advantages that a sales job has got to offer:

Income potential – A sales job offers such a high income potential that few other professions can provide. While a typical employee received a fix monthly salary, a sales representative earn commissions based on his performance. The more sales you can close, the higher will be your pay check and bonus, which means the sky is the limit. Sales is a highly rewarding career provided you know how to do your job well.

Flexible hours – You will have flexible working hours as a salesperson and are fully in control of your own time. You plan your own schedule and decide what you will be doing for the day as you deemed appropriate. As long as you delivered the results that is expected of you, you are free to do what you want. Of course, with this freedom it requires a strong self-descipline and time management skills on your part in order to excel at your job.

Important soft skills – Working in sales allow you to develop important soft skillsets that are very useful in your future career path. A salesperson learned to be confident and present a professional image in front of clients. He will possess good communication skills that allow him to interact well and build good relationship with other people. A good salesperson will also learn how to accept rejections, and over time develop valuable attributes such as the determination and perseverance to overcome challenges and difficulties.

Job security – Sales and revenues are the life-blood of maintaining a business. In times of difficultes, there is only so much to cut costs and expenses, but without sales, a business will find it hard to continue to survive. Knowing this, a good salesperson who can sell well can never be redundant. A sales professional who are able to demonstrate a good track record of successes is well sought after by all companies in most industries, and he will seldom find himself out of a job.

Interesting job scope – A salesperson will have an interesting work, as he gets to travel to different places and meet …

Are All Indian Religion And Rituals Worth Following

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Every Indian is different in their religions and they devote their life to several Gods in the form of praying and singing religious songs. This devotion gives the form of rituals to practices with their Gods images and sculptures.  Since, India is known as a holy land as it is the birth place of Gods, belongs to different religions.  To get harmony of soul, there are many pilgrimage tours designed. It is a secular country with different cultured people who follow different religions. India consists of mainly five religions which are Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslims, Christians and Sikhism which are originated in India and these different religions and their temples exist in harmony and peace.


People across the world visit this holy land where all the Indian rituals take place. According to the tourists beliefs they travel to those pilgrimage destinations.  Millions of devotees visit India to get the spiritual power from pilgrimage places in India. India known as a colorful country has Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim and Christian pilgrimage tours.


In ancient times kings used to worship Gods and built religious temples sculpted with their God’s images. These Indian Temples symbolizes the devotion and richness of their ruler to rule on the people. Every temple in India has some story or myths behind it. There are almost thousands of temples in India dedicated to every God or Goddess. Like amaranth temple for Hindus, Dilwara Jain Temple for Jainism, Golden Temple for Sikhs, Ajanta Ellora Cave for Buddhism, Ajmer Sharif for Islamic and many more. Beside these there are many more religious places in every corner of India where you can find the peace.


These temples not only give religious devotions but reveal its beauty. It shows the finest art work and skills of craftsmanship in stone carving, metal statues, painting and idol making. You can see every Indian Religion has its own art to lend uniqueness in the culture and religion.


India has become the tourist places for its well known Indian Religions and cultures because it is the place of real cultural diversity. Festivals hear are celebrated with great enthusiasm, fun and gaiety with different delicious Indian cuisines of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is known for its spiritual land because it is the mixture of religion, culture, food, languages and so on. These regional territories play an important role in distinguishing ethnic groups in cultural and social identities. These religions of Hinduism, Islamic, Christians, Jainism and Sikhism enjoy the freedom of worshiping their Gods.


Tourists visit India to enjoy different festivals and fair along with twenty two different languages.  Virtually festivals are celebrated every day or every month of the year as compared to other countries. and each festival whether it is Holi, Diwali, Id-ul-Zuha, Dushera, Gurunanak’s Birthday or Christmas are celebrated by all the religions in unity and peace.


At last, we conclude, by saying that India is famous country known for its major religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Animism and Buddhism with numerous collections …

Why should you study English in Australia?

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There are many choices of country when it comes to choosing an English language course. Why should you study English in Australia?

To get the most out of your English learning experience you need excellent teaching, high quality materials, and access to the latest technology and high speed internet. You want to study English in a country with a strong economy and stable political situation. You want to study in an industry that looks after international students. You also want to immerse yourself in the language, through unique, fun, and interesting experiences. Australia offers all of these things.

The curricula of English language courses in Australia are modern and cutting edge; the teachers are highly qualified (to maintain accreditation, ELICOS colleges must ensure teachers meet strict requirements); and the telecommunications system is second to none (Australians are some of the fastest uptakers of new technology in the world!).

The high-quality English language schools in Brisbane, for example, offer a wide range of courses, including IELTS exam preparation , Cambridge FCE, CAE and BEC exam preparation and courses like English + Surfing. The national organisation English Australia provides regular opportunities for teachers to develop professionally which ensures they are improving constantly and aware of latest research into language learning.

Australia has one of the best ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) and ESL education sectors in the world. It is carefully regulated by the Australian government with strict standards for colleges to follow. Last month, the Australian government published a report called ‘ Studying in Australia ‘ which discussed the views of students, agents and parents in six different countries about studying in Australia. Compared to other popular destinations for international students, “Australia’s student visa costs, tuition costs, living expenses and demonstrated minimum level of funds needed to apply for a visa were the same or lower.” You can read the report here: of studying in Australia.pdf

Recently, the government has conducted a thorough review of the international student visa program and has announced a number of changes that will make it even easier for students to enter Australia to study at an English language school . Some of these will come into effect on November 5 2011 – you can find out the details here: More changes will take effect in mid-2012 and together they will make Australia an even more attractive destination for students who want to study English.

Australia also has a wealth of opportunities for travel and experiences – there’s something for everyone! We’ve a range of different climates and landscapes: hot, dry desert; warm, humid rainforest; stunning coastal scenery. Try diving on the Great Barrier Reef, visiting Uluru and the red centre, climbing the iconic Harbour Bridge, driving along the Great Ocean Road or exploring World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park just for starters! Visit our world-renowned wine-growing regions – the Barossa Valley, Margaret River, the Coonawarra. Check out the theme parks on the Gold Coast – Dreamworld, Seaworld, or Movieworld. Meet some of our …

How Colognes With Pheromones Work

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Just about every living soul distinguishes the force of aroma. Grimy things might not repel us such a great amount of without our feeling of smell. Similarly, our fascination in other individuals wouldn’t exactly resound in the same path without a quite tuned feeling for the fragrances they anticipate, if characteristically or by utilizing scents. At the same time does the human figure generate its own particular synthetic signs, for example, pheromones, and do they work? Researchers have used years examining this subject and uncovered some provocative truths about it.

Researchers have likely found specific substances in creatures and bugs that perform distinctive capacities to help them convey. Numerous creatures, for instance, display distinctive chemicals in their spit when they are in high temperature. Basically, they are telling parts of the inverse sex that they are primed to mate. Specifically, pigs discharge a steroid into the salivation call androstenone.

People likewise transform this, which has headed scientists to place that it may assume a comparable part in distinctive living beings. Specialists have recognized an association between the vicinity of this substance and female fascination, however they include that further studies ought to be directed to restricted this response down to a solitary compound. The challenge with this in people is that scientists need to parse circumstances and end results. This might be testing. Case in point, when the climate gets warm again in the spring, individuals shed a few layers of apparel and potentially discharge all the more signs to the inverse sex, which is the reason we discuss springtime sentiments.

Nonetheless, it could simply be that seeing all the more form parts uncovered turns individuals on additional. Clearly, in the matter of wide generalizations like this, all the more research will be carried out. We likewise realize that individuals make memories dependent upon sights, sounds and smells from the past. Thus, the resemble a specific individual, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t especially excellent, could get connected with positive feelings of adoration and sentiment. In a kind of fragrance based Proustian minute, individuals will feel constructive and nostalgic sentiments when they experience an alternate individual with a comparative aroma.

Along these lines, it appears to be a percentage of the same chemicals that creatures utilize may additionally capacity within people, yet all the more research will be carried out. Our main event know is that the mixed drink of distinctive components that make an individual smell a certain way can inspire diverse passionate states. This likewise implies that inclination for diverse smells can advance after some time. An individual from India, for instance, may not react to the same smells that an individual from France might. Then again, an individual who acted like an adult in India may improve a fascination in the possesses a scent reminiscent of Europe in the wake of living there and encountering the individuals and places connected with those smells. Pheromones in people may work in the same path, as per scientists. Individuals …

Managing in a Diverse Global Environment

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I am a Chinese from Chengdu capital in the Southwestern parts of Sichuan province. Moving to America to pursue my education as created cultural and social differences starting from the cuisines to language. Even with the early civilization in my region, our mode of communication is still the Yi language; it was a challenge to adapt to the fast English speaking peers and tutors. By engrossing in books, constant interactions with peers, watching of movies and hiring of an interpreter, I have fully adapted to the language as it’s the general mode of communication.

Used to my ethnic Chinese cuisines which are always fresh, hot and spicy and prepared at home, it’s been great to get other diverse cuisines e.g. Italian, Mexican and Indian. It’s of great interest to just walk into a restaurant and order Italian take out, a myth in my province. This has greatly helped me to know more about the varied foods in other countries across the world. The only thing that puts us all on the same levels in terms of food is the MacDonald’s take out a restaurant that makes almost the same types of food here and back home. I had never seen a Mexican restaurant nor eaten Chile rellenos before. The change as opened me to the world, to experience the varied life styles that come with it and am taking in as much as I can.

In my cultural setting, greeting is done formally starting with the oldest person, where we look towards the ground when greeting others. The adjusting to hugging and close intervention of personal space has always been a challenge.  I am getting used to being close to people, accepting a hug and not bowing for the tutor when he walks to the lecture hall. Whistling and the constant snapping of fingers are some of the habits have picked from my peers in here its considered rude and abusive back home but when here am allowed to be rebellious a bit culturally.  Recently when back home, I noted the looks I was being given without realizing the unconscious whistling I was doing to a song; it shows the diversified cultural influences that have I have acquired.  Our tutors at times compliment a person for work well done, it’s always been a weird to me since I have never been complimented or heard a compliment in back home. I like the complimenting culture here; it shows open appreciation for effort and a motivator for even more effort.

In our group discussions, conversations have always been held in a round table setting where peers stare at each other directly in the eye while talking. Initially I found the gestures rude, like folding of legs and putting hands in the pocket when someone was talking to me. Since peers are used to doing that, I have come to acknowledge the easy lay back cultural doctrines. In my first lecture day, learnt with horror that there’s no standing to offer greeting to …

Different realms in the Universe

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This is the abode of Lord Brahma, the progenitor of this material universe. Here, there are some types of air-planes controlled by mantra, not by any mechanical means. The residents have mind and intelligence, but no material gross bodies. They feel compassion for those suffering in the lower regions, but do not suffer from fear, old age, or death. At the time of final dissolution of the material planets, the residents here transform their subtle bodies into spiritual bodies and enter the eternal Vaikuntha region or plane. Great yogis finally reach this highest plant through the Milky Way, which is the ”highway” to this most elevated planet, where the duration of life is calculated as 15,480,000,000,000 Years.


This is the abode of the four Kumaras named Sanat, Sanaka, Sanandana, and Sanatana. In this port of the universe, many great sages also reside due to their advancement through spiritual austerity. The enjoyment available to the residents is inconceivable to us, as it is beyond anything within our experience. When there is annihilation of the material universe, the residents here also transform their subtle bodies to spiritual and enter the spiritual world.


This planet, sill above the heavenly realms, is another abode of great saints and sages. This region is populated by mystics, who move to higher levels, and eventually transform their subtle bodies to spiritual, when the fire of devastation consumes the material possessions. These residents can move between any region within the material universe as mystic “spacemen” at speeds unthinkable to us.


When fully purified from material desire and contamination through sacrifice, penance, and charity, one can reach the heavenly planes, and if advance further can pass through the higher orbits to reach Maharloka. The greatest of sages, such as Bhrigu Muni, live in this place. It is situated beyond the “Sisumara”, which is the pivotal point for the turning of the universe. Advanced yogis reach this region and live here for 4,300,000,000 solar years. When the fire of devastation almost reached this region, the residents transport themselves to Satyaloka where they live further before this highest plateau of region is destroyed. They then transform their subtle bodies to spiritual and enter the spiritual realms.


In every material universe is one Vaikuntha region with an ocean of milk where Lord Vishnu resides on an island called Svetadvipa. This region is Dhruvaloka. Living here are personalities completely pure. In our universe, this planet is seen as the polestar and is situated above the planes of the Seven Rishis. As it is a spiritual body, it is eternal and therefore remains when all other planes within the material universes are destroyed. It is said that this region is the pivot for the orbits of all material stars and planets. All planets travel at high speeds in orbit, including the sun, which travels 16,000 miles per second in its orbit around Dhruvaloka. The planets of the seven sages are stars just below this plane that also orbit Dhruvaloka. …

Indrajal Vashikaran Mantra

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Indrajal Vashikaran sensible luck charm is for sarwajan vashikaran prayog, if you want to induce attraction all over and you want to vary your temperament thus you will use this sensible luck charm, Guru Makes this sensible luck charm by name and Vashikaran Mantra. You may wear this sensible luck charm in neck at any Sunday or Tuesday once showing dhoop and incense stick. No, have to be compelled to do any special Indrajal Pooja. It forever works for you. You may get attraction everyplace; people will feel positive for you. To induce success in job, business, and audition or in social life you may use this sensible luck charm Vashikaran Mantra.



Indrajal Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi

This is spell energized pendent. This pendent energize from the spell to form Indrajal Vashikaran someone agree for you and strong Wiccan love spell. This sensible luck charm liquid substance pendent offers you success all over Mantra in Hindi. If you want one issue magic, which could assist Indrajal Vashikaran, to induce job with none disadvantage, or to induce success all over, respect, and a spotlight thus you may wear it. In addition, it is terribly helpful and best for complete bright women and boys wishes to induce alternative in audition and modeling field. This pendent works in every condition and for every work Mantra in Hindi.

Indrajal Mantra for Vashikaran

This pendent is way energize and its durable powerful to induce obviate any quite Indrajal Mantra badha, black art, or burn wicked and spirits. This spell excited from archangel defense spell and strong mantra to burn bodiless spirits and induce obviates black magic Indrajal Mantra. If you have any quite disadvantage go with tantra badha, black art, disembodied spirit, tried all mantras, remedies and already consulted too many babas for Vashikaran. but not getting cure thus merely do that pendent to induce obviate tantra badha and black magic, you’ll feel changes once 1st day and within seven days everything area unit planning to be ancient life before for Vashikaran.

Indrajal Mantra for Love

This is sturdy|a robust} Indrajal Mantra a durable a strong strong sensible luck charm to induce your love back, if you lost your love, you want to induce back your love by vashikaran Indrajal Mantra. You want powerful durable vashikaran or your mate wishes to travel away you or husband not listening you properly thus you have to use this sensible luck charm for Love. This can be a Muslim sensible luck charm that you simply wear in neck and same sensible luck charm you keep in your space for worship for Love. This sensible luck charm Guru makes from your name, and desired person name in addition. This sensible luck charm makes person agree and in your favor soon.

Indrajal Mantra for cash

This monotheism coin is energize from amal to induce obviate financial disadvantage and poorness Indrajal Mantra. A coin you have to confine your money place in addition same coin you have to confine your purse …

The Sun in Libra – Effects

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Venus the planet of ‘balance’ rules Libra and the Sun in Libra, a debilitated point for the Sun, gives rise to many interpretations. Since, it is not possible to discuss Sun all angles, brief reference is made to various aspects of the Sun in Libra.

The span of Libra consists of the following Nakshtra:

00.00 to 06.40 degrees of Libra or

06.40 to 13.20 degrees of Chitra ruler by Mars

06.40 to 20.00 degrees of Libra or

00.00 to degrees of Swati ruled by 20.00 to 30.00 degrees of Libra or

00.00 to 10.00 degrees of Vishakha ruled by Jupiter.

Therefore for interpretation of the Sun in Libra, we have to take into consideration the characteristics of the sign Libra, the house in which the Sun in Libra comes apart from the planets i.e. the Sun, Venus, Mars, Rahu (Node) and Jupiter.

Persons born with the Sun in Libra at 0.40 degrees is considered inauspicious (deadly) including the curtailment of longevity.

Persons born with the Sun in Libra upto 20.00 degrees specially in the position ruled by Swati are generally attractive and their features are of women-folk. Peace-loving, adamant and independent. For a better tomorrow, it would be good if he uses proper balance of mind. Willing to extend helping hand if his freedom is not questioned, friend in need but worst enemy. Even born in a wealthy family, financial problems will be faced by him. The suitable profession is of gold-smith, traveling agent and also of drug seller. Married life will not be much congenial though for the outside world they are most adjustable. Sun in Libra causes diseases regarding abdomen, heart, piles and arthritis.

Persons born in Libra during 20.00 to 30.00 degrees indicate two types of appearances i.e. one with fatty and long stature. Such natives have been found to be full of vigor and vitality and are intelligent of the highest order. Most of them have to live away from the parents and family. Slavery is suicidal for such persons. Depending on the position of Saturn, such natives have inclination for ‘Sanayas’ but at the same time they are devoted to the family. Such persons turn out to be good orator and are capable of attracting cords. Such natives are drinking of alcohol and over-indulgence.

As already indicated the vital or solar influence of this signs is ‘balance’ and ‘justice’-equality before law-rather in all fields. With the Sun in Libra the native is capable of giving dispassionable judgment after taking into consideration all aspects. Depending on the other planetary position, the natives have kind and amicable nature learns more through comparison, their institution but have sensitive feelings.

 The Sun in Libra (10th house) dose not give the expected rise in life unless there is improvement from other planets. This is because the Sun gets debilities position and the position of the lord of the 10th house i.e. Venus would also have a say in the rise of the native professionally. The person with debilitated Sun having …

National Train Day: The Seattle Connection

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National Train Day: The Seattle Connection

By: Beckie Layton

May 10, 2014, marked the seventh annual National Train Day and the 145th anniversary of the creation of the nations first transcontinental railroad by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1869.  Amtrak created the holiday in 2008 as a way to keep this important history alive, to bring information to the public and draw attention to the advantages of rail travel.  

Seattle, Tacoma and the Puget Sound region share in a rich railroad history. Theirs is the story of the second transcontinental railroad line.  In 1864 Congress chartered the Northern Pacific Railroad land grants that totaled 60-million acres that flanked the planned route from Minnesota to Puget Sound. This began many years of complications and financial ups and downs. They were unable to meet the completion date of July 4, 1976 stipulated in the grant, which resulted in a loss of some of their land holdings. Construction was slow due to inadequate funding, inaccessibility to the route and harsh winters.

The Northern Pacific line received needed financing from a Philadelphia financier in 1870, which got the Western terminus to Tacoma. After many more years of dealings, the Northern Pacific acquired the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern, which gave the company a line to Sumas at the Canadian border.  It wasn’t until 1899, that the King Street Station in Pioneer Square, in the heart of Seattle, was open for business serving both the Great Northern and Northern Pacific Railroads.

The National Train Day holiday is held each year on the Saturday closest to May 10th to honor the pounding of the Golden Spike in Promontory, Utah, which marked the completion of the first transcontinental railroad. Each year, more than 200 communities host events across the country in railroad stations and railroad museums.  Larger events typically display equipment and railroad cars as well as many family oriented activities. Children will find the Chugginton Play Area at most every event. Celebrity spokespersons are often on hand as well.

The 2014 National Train Day celebration in Seattle is a good example of a big-city event. It was held in the historic King Street Station. Speakers for the opening ceremony included Alan Boyd, former Amtrak President, Seattle Deputy Mayor Hyeok Kim and Ron Pate, Director of Rail Division of Washington State Department of Transportation.  The Amtrak Coast Starlight train was on hand for tours, and a scale model of the Mt. Rainier line was on display.  There were many exhibitors on hand and Tom Douglas provided culinary demonstrations and samples in a special San Francisco Arcade Car. Historical pictures and artifacts of Puget Sound’s rich railroad journey were also on display.

For more information and details of events in your area go to:…

Online Accounting for Businesses

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With internet boom since more than two decades, and freelancing opportunities, more and more accountants are promoting their services online and find potential clients. Many have welcomed this idea and have handed their accounts to the online accounting firms but still there are many people who do not trust these online services. Having an in house accountant has its own set of benefit such as an accountant can have a better relationship with the employees and a colleague, likewise having an online accountant also has many benefits. The first benefit that you would get in hiring an online account is that it would cost you very less.


Since everything is handled online, the accountant does not need to travel anywhere for the work related purposes, hence this would lower the costs and thereby lower fees charges. If you are looking to cut down expenses then choosing an online business accountant is a great idea. Most of the accountants that are available online are self employed or employed by an agency or umbrella company who would hire them for you. Once you hire their services, you do not need to worry about anything such as the hiring of a new employee will not affect your services.  You just have to pay fees for the work that they do for you and they would get done all your work on time.


As per the accountant you may get be flexible with time, for contacting the accountant. For an instance an in house accountant would be available only during office hours i.e. 9 to 5 whereas an accountant who works from home can give you flexible hours since they work in an independent manner. So even after the standard office hours you can contact your accountant for any queries or can drop a mail for arranging a personal meeting. With internet being part of every home now, you can find a number of qualified accountants. You might find a candidate who is perfect for your business account who lives 100 miles away but with online accounting services you can employ their services. Getting an online accountant would not only get you a good professional but also would lessen your burden of interviewing various candidates.


With online software you can ensure the reliability and accuracy and you do not have to face any risk of loss. Your records would be safe from physical damages since they would be stored online. A separate account for each individual is made and hence no mixing of records takes place. All your work related to tax and Vat would be taken care of by them. Finding a good online accountant becomes essential to get the proper services, you can find the potential candidates by searching online. You can communicate with them through emails, instant messages or VoIP.


Online accounting is a new future for accounting for the businesses which is economical, accurate and quick.  It has more to offer than the traditional accounting.…