Licensed Practical Nursing Schools :Tips

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Consider This many people are exploring the opportunities that are involved with nursing fast tracks like licensed practical nursing schools offer.

{Nurses have a great role to fill in when they are already practicing in the field. They are the connection between the patient and the doctor. Nurses are the ones that act out the orders of the doctors. They have close interaction with the patient and are the first person there whenever the patient needs assistance.

|Many people are having the dilemma of which nursing career to pursue when one earns a nursing degree. Prospects for nursing careers are great.

|Specialties in the nursing career abound. As soon as you earn your nursing career, you now have to decide which nursing career you will pursue. We are discussing some nursing career specialty to help you decide which nursing career you will practice in.

In a nursing profession it is important to receive hands on training. You will have to count on a certain number of class hours to be clinical, or hands on. The number of hours and how they are accumulated will vary by school and degree program.

{According to one survey, patients over 65 make up 60 percent of adult primary visits, 48 percent of inpatient hospital admissions and 85 percent of nursing home residents. By the year 2020 – less than 15 years from now – a study from Occupational Health and Safety Administration predicts that the need for registered nurses in nursing homes will increase 66%, for licensed practical and vocational nurses by 72% and the need for certified nursing assistants will increase by 69%. For nurses working in home health settings – which include ‘managed care’ nursing home settings – those numbers are even higher – well above 250% increase in nurses needed at every level of licensing.

|The Medical-Surgical Nurses provide basic health care to patients in all health settings. Radiologic Nurses on the other hand provide care to patients undergoing radiation procedures (like Ultrasonography or MRI) for diagnosis. They are also the nurses who help out in the treatment of cancer who uundergo radiation theraphy.

|Such positions include Case Managers, Forensic Managers (applying knowledge of nursing for legal enforcement, like treating and investigating a victim of assault or abuse and similar), Infection Control Nurses, Legal Nurse Consultants (assist lawyers in medical cases by interviewing patient, organizing records, and educating lawyers about medical conditions), Nurse Administrators, Nurse Informatics, Health Care Consultants, Public Policy Advisors, Medical editors and writers.

|With this great demand come many incentives to entice nurses to relocate, for example:

{Another required skill in many nursing professions is a basic understanding of medications and how they need to be administered. More and more patients are relying on their nurse to help them get well.

|One thing to consider is the traits of a good nurse. The skills required to be an effective nurse are not completely taught in the classroom. Some people have the natural talent to be in this field …

How to use Facebook

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How to use Facebook? 


Privacy concerns about Facebook are there since early days and they will be there forever. Not all of them are false. In the light of outrage over Facebook’s recent psychological experiment prompted me to write this small guide about judiciously using this social network. Almost everyone aware with this situation is worried about privacy and safety they can achieve using Facebook.


  1. Rule No 1. Never ever share your personal feelings on Facebook. There are lot of data harvesters those try to use your mental inclination to lure into buying something you do not want. And yes, it do not happen on Facebook. You are targeted using emails and other websites you least suspect. Keep your posts limited to your friends. In rare case you shall make your post publicly visible. 
  2. Never share your private contact information. It can be clearly misused by some hyper excited marketing dorks, criminals or even by an phoney educational institution to ‘enrol’ you into something.
  3. Do not post personal photos. Especially photos of your kids and relatives. Most of the criminals use those photos to identify the target. In some cases, photos could be morphed and misused. Do not share location all the time. You can share location only when that is important to mention, like a restaurant where you are enjoying food. 
  4. DO NOT share your contact book or photo album on your phone or iPad with Facebook. It may upload all the information to its servers, I do not trust Facebook here. It remains there forever even if you deactivate your account. You cannot ever DELETE your Facebook account. There is no such provision. There are other ways to almost delete your account, but again, you cannot tell your all files are really deleted. Facebook is notoriously dubious on this issue. 
  5. Never be friends with unknown people. If you find a lady with curvy features who just have sent you a friend request, it is not your lucky day. You may be in trouble someday. Usually such profiles are con. Do not listen to any marketing or travel offers. Never shy to unfollow/block the one who do not give you pleasure, or give pain rather. Facebook is not mental tolerance test, you are here for fun, do not let anyone ruin your mood. 


If you follow above five rules while using your common sense in right mixture, Facebook can be an enjoyable experience.…