The unravelling of the Zionist project

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The unravelling of the Zionist project

By Stanley Collymore

There’s an old English saying that what goes around ultimately comes around; and this is no truer than in the case of the Zionist Palestinian project. Instigated under a number of blatantly dishonest and financially corrupt guises the two most iniquitous of these being that Palestine was a land without people and as such quite ideal for a much persecuted people without land, namely the white Caucasian Europeans who invaded and now overwhelmingly occupy it, to it being the ancestral home of Jews going well back into antiquity, the project even before its officially recognized inception with the Balfour Declaration was conceived and intentionally based on the sadistic concepts of genocide, brutal ethnic cleansing, racial eradication and the holocaust of the indigenous Palestinian people; afterwards morphing predominantly with the active help of the very people who were instrumental in the European holocaust into a classic colonialist and imperialistic entity that effectively saw the illegitimate Zionist and apartheid state of Israel become a wild west version of a shotgun outrider for western and in particular United States economic and hegmonistic interests and control in the Middle East.

Of course we’re all used to the ludicrous idea so ingrained in the psyche of many Caucasians and their rulers that nothing ever really existed until discovered by the white man. Therefore Australia was terra nullius never mind that the Aborigines had lived there continuously for in excess of 60,000 years; the unilaterally renamed Victoria Falls simply didn’t exist at all until Livingstone taken as a guest at the request of the local chief to see them clapped his eyes on them and promptly had them named after his queen in England; and of course the again white renamed Americas only came into existence when some of their major outlying islands like Hispaniola, better known nowadays as Haiti and the Dominican Republic, were discovered but more aptly run into by Christopher Columbus.

That the entire region, or as it was arrogantly and stupidly seen entirely from the white man’s perspective as the New World, was already well populated with the indigenous people there already having their own established systems of government and even empires counted for absolutely nothing; the supercilious attitude being that these weren’t Caucasian and therefore didn’t matter in the least. So it’s not at all surprising that today’s white descended Caucasians have the same mindset as their erstwhile ancestors and regrettably for them with apartheid in South Africa having officially collapsed the overriding and even obsessive emphasis on their part is one which is all the more committed to ensuring that their Zionist project in Palestine prevails. The problem for them though is that it’s now falling apart.

That they were never going to be able to sustain it indefinitely in the first place and moreover do so in a world that is increasingly and even quite rapidly becoming smaller everyday as a direct consequence of modern communications systems, easy global travel, …