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A Stay At Home Mom whom wishes superfluous legal income from home!?
I really need me a job to do from home. I enjoy basic Internet skills, and I am new to the Internet. I would similar to to do an job that has no start up cost. I enjoy searched all over the Internet, and it is so intricate to find a job to do. I would like to acquire paid for the work that I do. I don’t want to advertise or do any style of selling at all. I am a newbie when it comes to the Internet, so I would not know all the precise things. Please help me find a job that will wages me by check or Paypal. I really need something easy to do, and I can’t afford any high-ranking start up costs either. I don’t want to have to converse to others in person or on the phone any. I just want an steady income that does not involve me being adjectives day on the computer. If you know of any thing that can lend a hand me, please tell me. Thanks!

A trade from the comfort of home ? ?
can anybody give me some advice on how to acquire a appropriate job- while being able to stay at home ? i would approaching to be able to bring in a clothed income by working from home..circumstances are: i have six children, one of whom is being home instructed -unable to attend school-due to human being laid up from an injury. it is near impossible for me to get a babysitter ( or a ‘nurse’) and i get the impression that i need to be the person kind for them. Also, i have a bone disease that pretty much keeps me within pain & unable to do serious encyclopaedia labor. If anyone knows of a good ‘home base career’, any suggestions would help. Thanks.

A trade where on earth I can make available wager on?
I’m in high college now and I’ve decided that I want to travel into a career where I can comfort people and make a clothed amount of money. Both factors are important. Helping other general public makes me feel well-mannered and all my parents do is argue about how we don’t hold much money..I don’t want my life to be only just about that. Are there any careers that fit that criteria and what would I hold to do to go into them? &&Please don’t suggest anything in the medical pasture.

A unbelievably unprofessional point to do:?
Get this: My mom owns a hair salon and day spa here. Its not resembling a bunch of them, just one. The name of it is Changes Hair Salon and Day Spa. This foreign business just opened and it is call Changes Hair Salon and Beauty supply. Thats just cheap. I guess that person saw my mom’s business contained by the annual …

Indian Life and Landscape by Western Artists

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New Delhi: National Gallery of Modern Art in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, presents Indian Life and Landscape by Western Artists, an exhibition of more than ninety paintings and drawings from the V&A 1790 – 1927, at National Gallery of Modern Art, Jaipur House, New Delhi from October 27, 2009 to December 6, 2009.

The exhibition is a collection from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum which shows rare and interesting watercolours, sketches, aquatints, lithographs and engravings by European artists who visited India between 18h to 20th century.

Says Prof Rajeev Lochan, Director, NGMA: “The first visual representations of India by western artists were of imaginary landscapes and settings. They were based on the written accounts of travelers to India from across Europe. It was only after professional European artists began to travel to India that they painted, for the first time, scenes based on direct observation. Their passionate interest in this new and exciting land led to the creation of a comprehensive pictorial record of India, in a visual style familiar to western audiences.”

India’s spectacular architecture, the immense natural beauty of her landscapes, and the great diversity of her people have inspired many artists world over. The exhibition is divided into four sections showcasing the works of various schools of art. The exhibit begins with a ‘Picturesque’ tour of India through dramatic pictures of splendid forts, temples, and palaces. The second section showcases works by amateur artists who were captivated by the landscape and architecture of India. Many of these amateurs were East India Company employees, who transferred to canvas their personal experiences. The third section is dedicated to the Romanticism of Indian art that depicts striking, decorative paintings entirely from the imagination. For instance, on view is a panoramic view of the Taj Mahal, paintings of busy street scenes, majestic princes, and doe-eyed nautch girls. The fourth section, based on realism, documents the social life and people engaged in various professions during that time.


From the mid-eighteenth century, professional European artists began to turn to India for their inspiration. They were attracted by the opportunity to explore unfamiliar lands, to make their fortune, and to further their reputation.

The beginning of The Picturesque, a major literary and aesthetic movement in England led to a revolution in western art and promoted a particular way of observing and depicting landscapes. A typical picturesque scene included elements of roughness and irregularity, the inclusion of old ruined buildings or impressive architectural structures added variety and created an evocative atmosphere. India offered an infinite range of subjects to depict in this manner. The picturesque tradition of the 18th century helped create the order, balance and serenity of the magnificent aquatints of Indian scenery and architecture created by artists such as Thomas and William Daniell. The uncle-nephew duo traveled widely in India, painting magnificent buildings that have now crumbled to dust. Hence, these paintings are a priceless record. Ruins of